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The Real World: Philadelphia - Episode 7 Summary

'Queer As Folk, MTV Style' By volsfan
Original Airdate: October 19, 2004

Last we saw our little idiots, well, you all know how I HATE recaps and I am not gonna do one here!

The show starts with Puppies, Willie and Karamo talking in the kitchen. Puppies mentions Dorian, a guy working at the gym they go to. Karamo says he needs the affections of another man or he is going to go crazy. I have no idea what scale Karamo goes by but my stupidity meter is saying he may already be there!

Mel, Karamo and Puppies go to the gym. Karamo takes Mel to the gym for a tour. Karamo takes Mel and introduces her to Dorian.

1) Dorian is a very attractive black male
2) Dorian works in a gym and has a great body and smile
3) Dorian is wearing khakis and a black shirt
4) Dorian appears to be in Karamo’s spectrum
5) Dorian was wearing sneakers and not um um well Tims and um…Tims!
6) We don’t know if Dorian is gay, however, my gaydar would give him a 9.99 out of 10.0!

Everyone decides to go and meet Laura, the Director of Community Relations for the Philadelphia Soul and Donna, Resource Development Director of Northern Home. Northern Home is a not-for-profit home for children. The Real Worlders end up playing basketball with some of the kids! On a breakaway, Puppies gets the ball and goes in for a lay-up. Instead of shooting the ball, it (the ball) bounces off her left pup and crashes into the backboard so hard; the rebound comes off around the free throw line! OK OK…that didn’t happen but you have to admit was pretty funny! They play ball for a while and everyone is sweaty!

This is the part of the show where Mel decides to pull the b!tch out of the bag! On the way back from Northern Home, the van gets stuck in traffic with Landon driving. Willie says that they should take 76 East and that is 3 lanes to the right! Mel screams, “WHOOOOOA LAAAANNNNNDEEEEENNNNN! Stop right now and get over! Stop right now and get over! Did he not hear me?” Landon replies, “Mel! Shut the fvck up!” Mel comes out with the very well thought out, “you shut the fvck up…B!TCH!” In the back seat we hear Willie say, “Oh my God! Let me outta here!” Willie, honey, I have been saying the exact same thing about this show! Can I please get outta it? URGH!

Next up, Ambercrombie (Landon) and Fitch (MJ) go for a walk. A takes this time to complain about Mel while F just sucks up deeper into A’s arse! They whine and moan and MJ says that she, “has to be put in her place” from time to time. And what place would that be, the local no tell motel in a bed with legs spread…oh wait, that is Puppies not mel! Apologies go to the b!tchy one!

Time for some hot man on man action! Willie and Karamo go out dancing. We are shown lots of hot in-shape guys dancing with their shirts off! But wait, low and behold, Dorian arrives on the scene! Finally, Karamo can get laid and hopefully get in a better mood! We have one little problem…Two tops do not make a bottom! With two butch men coming from the same spectrum, which one is the plug and which the socket? It’s a never-ending problem!

We get to watch Karamo and Dorian dance very provocatively with Karamo taking off Dorian’s shirt! This reveals a very tight body with rippling abs! The soft porn continues until Willie interrupts to tell Karamo it is time to go home! WTF is Willie doing…a block of some kind? They leave the bar with Karamo smiling from ear-to-ear! In the cab, Karamo tells Willie that maybe both of them will be getting some action tomorrow!

The next day, the roomies go to Northern Home to pick out the place to build the playground. In a confessional, Landon tells us that he is excited because this is what he went to school for! WTF? He went to school to be a playground engineer? Who knew? I wonder what the prereqs are for this degree?

While on the grounds, Landon says, “this would be a high-use area (while pointing to a specific area).” Mel’s response, “I don’t like it!” There’s a surprise! Landon then says, “we could put-up a retaining wall over there,” interruption from Mel, “I don’t like it!” Landon then says, “and then we could,” interruption from Mel, “I don’t like it!” Willie tells Mel that they are just exploring options and to let Landon talk! I have no idea what Mel was saying she didn’t like because Landon didn’t say more than “and” and she was already saying she didn’t like it! I felt like a broken record there! We get the point that you don’t like it b!tch! Instead of saying you didn’t like it…why not give alternatives? Oh wait you have none! I.HATE.IDIOTS!

Then, in a confessional, Mel reveals that some people may think she is bitchy or opinionated but she likes that about herself! Honey, “some people”? I would say that would be EVERYONE! Also, “may think”? WTF? That would be KNOW! And you like this about yourself? You are the ONLY one that thinks this!

Willie and Puppies are shown discussing Mel and that they both feel the same way about her.

Dan calls Willie and we find out that he (Dan) is a flight attendant! Now, that problem is solved! I guess we won’t see much of Dan because he will be traveling a lot! Dan arrives and Willie is in bed and Dan joins him as they kiss! If not for the “MTV” at the bottom of the screen, I would swear I was watching an episode of Queer As Folk on Showtime!

Dorian and Karamo go out on their first date! They discuss their own ways of coming to terms with their homosexuality. It was a cute first date and they don’t even hug at the end!

Dan and Karamo end up chatting in the computer room. Dan realizes that Karamo is having problems dealing with showing affection to another man in front of others. Dan tells Karamo that he HAS to deal with sh!t! Karamo says his way of dealing with it is by not doing IT while in Philly! Karamo says no more boys for four more months! If I weren’t already tired writing, I would really go off but I can’t lend any more of my breath to Karamo! How freakin mature is dealing with not dealing with it? URGH!

Well, Dan sets Karamo gay and basically tells Karamo that he is who he is and these things are gonna happen for four months! He tells Karamo to keep an open mind! In confessional, Karamo says that Dan gave him encouragement and that he had given him good advice! YOU GO DAN!

I am going to briefly say that Mel has another meltdown in traffic ending with Willie telling Mel to be quiet and that everyone heard her the first time!

They arrive at the home to check out playground equipment. Seven kids go from playground to playground checking out what they find fun!

Mel, Karamo, MJ and Shavonda (where has she been this episode?) are in the van complaining about MEL! They vent and Shavonda comes out with, “I really liked her the first week but I don’t now!” OK…I agree with Shavonda! I loved Mel the first week, hell, we HAD to love Mel because she didn’t move into the house until the third week!

Dorian surprises Karamo and wants to take him to lunch! Dorian starts asking Karamo about what they have going on! Karamo seems to be opening up and they appear to have a good time. Then we see them walking down the street holding hands! They end up kissing and cuddling on the sofa as this week’s episode slowly fades to black! This is the most man-to-man action I have seen since watching Jeff Stryker in Powertool! That is in reference to one of the best selling gay porno vids ever made…for those not in the know! WHEW!


Next week…Landon has a drinking problem and Skiver has a summary problem! Catch it all right here!

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