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The Real World: Philadelphia - Episode 10 Summary

'Disappearances, Super Heros and Whores...OH MY!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: November 9, 2004

Let me start by staying that I am so happy that President Bush isn’t competing with Shavonda for public office! If he thinks that Kerry flip/flops on the issues...he never met Shavonda! Let’s see how many times she flips or flops during the episode, UMKAY? The over/under is 7 flip/flops for the next 30 mins!

We are shown the fight between Shavonda and Shaun over the phone from last week. This is where Shavonda tells Shaun, “Don’t ever f****ing call me again, got it?” Hell, I wish Shavonda would get it! She has to be the most self-centered, arrogant pompous arse I have seen in a while!

First scene is where Shavonda FLIPS for the first time. Shavnoda is calling Shaun. She is berating him about intentionally seeing his ex-girlfriend. Landon is in confessional saying that Shavonda is on the phone everyday with Shaun for 3-4 hours and that can’t be healthy. Landon is now in the kitchen cramming a sammich down his throat! OK, let’s see how many sammiches Landon can fit in his mouth at one time! At my best guess, looks like 3 sammiches are in his mouth. As he is trying to chew his cud, he decides to scream at Savonda that he wants to use the phone. As he speaks, I want to wipe my face because he spews crumbs all over the floor!

Shavonda quickly informs Landon that his sister has been calling for a week and that her argument with Shaun had only happened last night! OH! I just figured it is ok for Shavonda to call Shaun but Shaun is forbidden to call her! That is it! Shavonda has talked to Shaun like 5 times since the argument and this has been less than 12 hours! Shavonda needs professional help and Shaun needs to seek why he answers the phone when she calls? Why Shaun, why?

Landon goes into another room to b!tch about Shavonda to MJ. However, I thought his lunch had been eaten, but he has a plate of sammiches in his hand! As Landon eats 2 more sammiches, he walks around the room talking to MJ. As he makes it to the center of the room...a total stranger is sitting in a chair asking Landon if he still likes Shavonda. The stranger? You young good looking guy by the name of “Will MJS Friend”. WTF? Where the hell did Will MJS Friend come from? What a weird name and what are the odds of this guys middle name being the same as MJ? WOW! As the scene ends, Landon is still spewing crumbs out of his crammed full mouth!

Shavonda is calling Shaun on the video phone! Shaun looks like crap and like he hasn’t slept in 2 weeks! Oh wait, he hasn’t slept because Shavonda keeps calling him!

Will MJS Friend tells Puppies that today is MJ’s birthday and that when MJ was younger, he had a birthday party at a skating rink and only 5 peeps showed up! He had invited 25! What are the odds? Not only does Will MJS Friend share the same letters for a name but he knows MJ! WOW! I would call this a southern thing but this is just to damn strange to blame us rednecks! Also, MJ, a skating rink? Come on...that is so last century!

Puppies cooks MJ breakfast, looks like some fried toast/egg sammich. Puppies delivers the breakfast and starts to wake MJ as Will MJS Friend (from now on known as WMJF) gets on all fours on the bed! OK, WMJF looks like he is getting ready to perform a sexual act on MJ! WMJF reaches over and cups MJ’s privates and in a very feminine voice, squeals, “I told her what your favorite is! In a confessional, MJ said he is going to let WMJF eat it because MJ isn’t hungry! I am not going to ask what “it” is because for some reason...I am scared!

MJ calls his dad to tell him the big news! *vols rolls his eyes* HOT OFF THE PRESSES! MJ has a new nickname and that nickname has developed into a super hero...MUJA STAR! OK, someone has had too much time on their hands and too much of an active imagination. What happened to their job?

Everyone in the house has been giving MJ a hard time about the star tattoo on his shoulder. The star got the nickname from Willie (I think Willie has moved back home to be mugged in the park beside his apartment) and the nickname grew to the super hero that only comes out at night!

MJ gets a care package from home. WMJF says that his little buddy is all grown-up! The package contains a lot of little fun things like pin the tail on the donkey! MJ finds one of those black eye cover mask that people use to help them sleep. But MJ has a better idea...cut eye holes in the middle of the covers to create a Muja Star mask! *vols rolls eyes again*

The whole gang goes to Dave and Buster’s to celebrate MJ’s birthday! They have a good time and Puppies and MJ decide to have their pictures taken in that little booth type camera thingy! As the pictures are snapped, they swap spit and suck tongues! As the night slows down they watch a fireworks show as the explosions have the skyline of the city in the background.

Landon pulls himself away from the group and watches the fireworks alone! He says that kissing Shavonda is always in the back of his mind and that he is going to bring girls into the house and she will just have to get over it! Atta boy Landon! Go sow your wild oats and stay away from Flip Flop!

Landon, MJ and WMJF go to a bar to let off some steam. Landon is all over every girl in the bar! Then, Landon starts flirting with one of the bartenders. The barwhore jumps on the bar and starts dancing! OK, this woman obviously has a problem pouring drinks! Her jeans are soaking wet with small dry spots showing through! Either that or she isn’t allowed to take bathroom breaks while working! Landon asks her if she wants to go back to the house and get in the hot tub. Evidently, the bar tender quit her job because she just walks out of the bar with Landon and the bar is full of people!

Meanwhile, back at the house...everyone has gathered to eat a birthday cake and they surprise MJ when they walk into the house. Karamo and Willie even come over for a visit for this occasion!

I will try to do justice with this scene! It should be seen to believe! The appearance of Muja Star! Picture it (Gawd, I sound like Sophia from The Golden Girls) MJ with nothing on but gray tight cotton underwear. Throw in a blue throw wrap as a cape, black mask and cowboy boots and you have Muja Star! Now, add a sock stuffed into the shorts to “finish” the look! As Muja Star runs through the house terrorizing everyone, we find out that the super power Muja has is the “magic star” he uses to throw and kill people before they know what hit them! Mj did look hott shirtless but if someone has to stuff a sock down their shorts...they don’t need to be seen in said tight shorts! Especially on nationwide TV!

Landon and barwhore are in the hot tub making out big time! FLIP Shavonda is in confessional BLAH BLAH BLAH! Honey, you better be worried about Shaun and his little squeeze in Texas! Go make a phone call or something!

Landon and barwhore move their party to the shower where Landon is making his best play for the reward! MJ slips into the bathroom and starts watching from over the shower wall! OMG! I have just found a new best friend! A voyeur like myself!

FLOP Shavonda has decided that Landon is soooooo nasty now she can’t sleep in his bed any more. So, she packs her toys and goes home!

The morning after...Landon walks his little barwhore to the door in his boxer briefs (we have had a couple of good underwear shots tonight!) and then goes to brush his teeth. Puppies tells Landon that she will make those noises for him and she won’t even touch him! As they are talking, Shavonda comes in and here is the conversation:

Shavonda: Landon! Are you going to clean the shower?
Landon: Why would I clean it out?
Shavonda: Cuz you had sex in it!
Landon: I did?
Shavonda: Yeah.
Landon: Were you watching?

Well, I didn’t see Shavonda but MJ got a really good view from the top! MJ got to see little Landon in action! WHEW!

In a confessional, Shavonda says that Landon argues with her and she thinks it is because she rejected him! Ummmm...did I miss something? She has been throwing herself at him and she broke up with her boyfriend because she had a crush on him! She has pushed him so far away he lives in a new zip code!

Puppies and Landon are on the subway talking about Shavonda and Landon says that Shavonda is jealous.

FLIP Shavonda is on the phone with Shaun and tells him that she and Landon are going to have it out! Of course, Shaun is lvoeing this!


Willie (OMG! Willie makes a guest appearance) says taht it is flowers and he yells for Shavonda! Shaun has sent a dozen red roses. The card says, “I am so sorry and I lvoe you”. Shavonda is very happy and calls Shaun to say she lvoes them.

FLOP In confessional, Shavonda proclaims her lvoe for Shaun and that every thing is perfect between them!

I am about to throw-up! Where is Landon? I want to projectile vomit on his arm! Shavonda is the most self-centered, arrogant, pompous arse I have seen in a while! Oh wait...that is how this summary started! Maybe Shavonda is the same little idiot she has always been!


Karamo and Willie disappeared and came back for quest appearances this week. Muja Star made a comical appearance. Will MJS Friend appeared and then disappeared just as quickly. Landon had sex with a barwhore. The show ends with Landon wearing a T-shirt that reads, “HOTTMAN PLUMBING”! What hottman is Landon plumbing? I might pay to see this!

The over/under for the flip/flops was 7 and I think we went over!


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