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Big Brother 5 - Episode 24 Summary

'House Calls with Gretchen and Marcellas' By strid333
Original Airdate: September 2, 2004

G: Hi, Iím Gretchen Massey and this is my partner in crime, the always wonderful Marcellas Reynolds. This is ďHouse CallsĒ the daily talk show about ďBig Brother.Ē You can tune into us live at daily at 1PM ET/10AM PT. Send us an email or call us 323-CBS-1000. Thatís 323-227-1000! With us, we have yesterdayís evicted house guest, Adria.

M: Oh my god! Wasnít that an awesome episode? Did you see that outfit that Julie was wearing?

G: I have the same outfit. I love my black tank top and tan pants!

M: Such a classy outfit. But the star of yesterdayís show was Adria. Letís hear some thoughts from her.

A: Well, Iím sad to be here but Iím proud of how I played the game. I never went back on my word and now Iím on the jury and Iíll be making the decision of who wins the money.

M: So Adria, what was it like in your last week? Everybody was giving you the cold shoulder and Diane called you the plague. That had to be rough.

A: Iíd be crazy to say it was easy, but now Iíll have my day. You have to admit, going out unanimously in a live vote hurts.

G: Say Marcellas, why donít we take a call? Hi. Where ya calliní from?

George: Hi, Iím George from New York. First, I gotta say I love you guys. Marcellas, I wanted you to win so badly.

M: Thanks sweetie. Do you have a question for Adria?

George: Yeah, um, Adria, why did you think that you shouldnít be nominated because you werenít in an alliance?

A: Good question. I just was trying anything I could to stay in the game. I was hoping that I could partner with Karen because she no longer had Will. I guess she was still a little hurt that I nominated and evicted Will.

M: Another call? Hi.

Rachael: Hi! I love you guys. I have a quick question. What do you guys really think of Cowboy?

A: I know that we are worried about Cowboy. He is a really nice person and is like a brother to me. He is an under the radar type (which I donít respect as much game wise). Heís also one to snitch on other players.

G: So you didnít like the way Cowboy was playing?

A: Not really but I still liked him better than other players.

M: So, girl, who do you like?

A: I like Cowboy, Drew, and Karen. Those are who Iím rooting for in the game.

G: Ok, good answer. Why donít we read an email? Elizabeth from Bismarck, ND asks what do you think of Drew breaking up with Diane?

A: Diane is a little schemer. I support Drew in his decision. Nobody could trust Diane. She called me the plague. And she kissed Marvin! How could Drew trust her after that?

M: Oh my god! What did I say Gretchen? Didnít I say that Drew would drop Diane the second she became a liability? Reality relationships just do not work. This isnít ďThe Bachelor.Ē Itís ďBig Brother.Ē

G: You did, and I totally agreed with you.

M: Girl, I am so excited that that happened. Did you see the way Diane was crying and stuff?

A: Of course, she had to run to Cowboy to get comforted. And now she wants her revenge. She wants Drew out before she goes (even if it is in the next week). I can see her partnering with Marvin.

G: Before we go off on tangents, letís take another caller. Caller?

Susie: Iím Susie from Toronto. I just gotta say that Canadians love you guys.

M: Aw, thanks sweetie. I must admit that some of the best fans are the Canadians. They love us and are so nice. Do you have a question?

Susie: Yeah, what do you think it will be like in the sequester house?

M: Ooooooh, that is an excellent question. Well, Will said he really enjoyed the weather in paradise. Natalie gave Will a genuine hug but Willís wasnít so genuine but he is going to get over it and be the bigger man. Both Natalie and Will wish their husbands were there. And they toasted themselves, the upcoming jury members, and the winner.

A: I am looking forward to seeing my sister again.

M: That has to be nice to have somebody that you already know and care about.

A: Absolutely! And watching the tapes will be fun, too.

G: Yeah, did you see how Will was really surprised to see Nokomis win again?

M: Who could miss that comment from my dream boy! I still have Will posters on my walls and a Will screensaver on my computer. But enough about yours truly, letís read an email.

G: Ok, Rory from Sheepdog, Illinois asks us of what we think of Nokomis?

A: Well, I have to say I was really impressed with how she quit smoking. She only used the patch for a few days. But she was mean to me and how she said I went back on my word.

M: Now wait a minute!?! Didnít you? Didnít you promise to go with the girlís alliance?

A: No. That was Natalie.

M: I have to admit, that I hated the way that you did that and switched around. It confused everyone and made life hard. But I still like you as a person. It is a game that changes you and you arenít like that in real life, are you?

A: No way. I work hard with my sister on our fitness twins tours.

G: Before things get out of had, letís have another caller.

Gina: Hi Marcellas, I love you!

M: Aw, thank you! That made my day. But what about Gretchen?

Gina: I love you too. Somebodyís gotta keep Marcellas under control, eh?

G: Oh you got that right. Do you have a question?

Gina: Yeah, what is it like to win competitions or Americaís Choices in the house?

G: Well, if you noticed Karen finally won her first competition. She said she skinned her fingers but didnít feel the pain because she was on an adrenaline high.

A: And donít forget how Cowboy was so happy to talk to his family and catch up on them.

M: And Drew won HOH, doing that chemical reaction true/false competition about former competitions and was just looking forward to having a letter from home. I bet Karen was annoyed to come in second.

G: Time for another caller? Hi, youíre on House Calls.

Rob: Hi Marcellas, I must say that you make another gay man proud. I love those pants you are wearing today

M: Aw, thanks sweetie. You are too kind. Do you have anything to say?

Rob: Yeah, I must say to Adria that that speech that you made when Julie told you were evicted was awesome. And the way Marvin started arguing was even better.

A: I just wanted to go out being me with fire in my belly. Iíll have the last laugh when Iím voting for the winner.

G: Wow! I must say that Iím surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet. This has got to be the most dramatic eviction, ever in the history of Big Brother. Even more dramatic when they sent you home, Marcellas.

M: Hey, you know that a drama queen is always a drama queen. I couldnít believe how Diane was telling Marvin to calm down. They were swearing about how you went out Adria and said that they donít care that they donít have your vote.

A: But they forget that I can sway my sister and the rest of the jury. But Iíll still have them in my prayers.

M: Gretchen, do we have time for one more caller?

G: Yes, caller we donít have much time. Do you have a question?

Harriet: Itís Harriet from Detroit just asking do you think it is fair that they are having the nomination ceremony tonight and are going to vote out another house guest in 48 hours?

M: Girl, Big Brother is not fair. You just learn from it and have to adapt.

G: You have to admit that these twists are what keep us watching.

A: I think the entire house will be shocked but it is fair enough.

G: And with that, this concludes House Calls. Donít forget to watch the live feeds and to tune in tomorrow here at Thank you, Adria for being here. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.

M: Bye *smooches*

A: Bye and thanks for watching.

Disclaimers: I know that in real life, the callers would not be talking to Adria, in an attempt to keep her sequestered. Rather, there is a time delay as the questions are typed over to a teleprompter.

I also know that I have some logical errors with time. Am I referring to Friday, September 3, 2004 or Thursday, September 2, 2004? I donít care.

I also got the main details or points made throughout the show but for the call-in feature, I had put them out of sequence. If you actually care about the order in which things appeared, I suggest reading the East Coast Spoilers thread in Spoilers.

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