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Big Brother 5 - Episode 13 Summary

'Project DNA: Discovering Natalie & Adria' By Jims02
Original Airdate: August 5, 2004

This week, on Big Brother 5:
- Diane became the first woman to win Head of Household.
- She nominates Jase and Scott.
- Jase wins the Golden Veto, saves himself, and Marvin goes up in his place.

OK, let's move on to what we were all waiting for. We've sat through a lot of lousy Big Brother. We watched the Belly Bunch, featuring Mike Boogie in BB2. We had to see Gerry jump into a pool of jello-slime in BB3. Last year, we sat through an entire season of Alison and Jun. I'm not even going to mention the first season.

So, after 5 weeks of hype, we finally get to see the infamous Twin Twist revealed.

Twin-less Julie Chen (thankfully) plastically informs us of Project DNA, which astutely means "Do Not Assume." This week, because Adria and Natalie (or Adralie) have made it 5 weeks undetected, both of them get to play the game as individuals.

But first, a little misdirection. We cut to Marvin watching Scott in the hot tub. Scott thinks it's pretty crazy that one of them will be out of the house. Marvin agrees and notes that one of their pictures will be black and white next week.

Later, Scott realizes that all he needs is one vote to save him. Piece of cake. Especially with so many sheep in the house, just waiting to be ordered around by Scott.

Luckily for the genius, Adralie is waffling between keeping Scott or Marvin. She also says she's tired of everyone telling her that she owes them something because they voted stupidly last week.

Jase: "Adria totally owes you."
Scott: "I saved her a$$"
Jase: "Exactly. She'll listen to you."
Scott: "I saved her a$$."
Cowboy: "You saved her what?"
Scott: "I saved her a$$."
Jase: "Let's go tell her. Cowboy, go fetch Adria."
Scott: (whispering to Drew proudly) "I saved her a$$."

Like a good sheep, Cowboy escorts Adralie to the bathroom. Jase and Scott begin interrogating her:

Jase: "We want to know if you're gonna stay loyal, because we helped you last week."
Adralie: "I just don't know what to do."
Scott: (confused) "I saved your a$$."

Diane, worried about this peer pressure, casually walks into the bathroom area. She and Jase begin to argue, and Adralie freaks out. She screams something unintelligible and runs from the room. Later, in a confessional, Adralie tells us that she doesn't know who to vote for. Darn flip-flopper. This girl's gonna spend 3 hours in the voting booth come November.

*cue tension shots of all the houseguests*

Next on the agenda: Julie interviews the houseguests. Frankly, we're just waiting for the twist and eviction, so I'll be brief.
1. Will quit the HOH competition because he knew Diane and Jase weren't going anywhere soon.
2. Jase is not certifiably insane; he merely enjoys repulsing the other houseguests.
3. Adralie's glad to be in the house this week.
4. Karen, a married women, only has secret bedtime trysts with "the girls or the gay guy." That should keep her husband more reassured.

Cut to the confessional voting! Jase talks about how he likes Marvin more than Scott. Everyone else pretends like they're not sure who to vote off, but let's just skip the baloney this week.

Jase/Cowboy: "I vote to evict Marvin."
Nik/Karen: "I vote to evict Scott."

Big Brother Scoreboard
Scott: 2
Marvin: 2
Nader: 1
Suspense: 0

After the commercial break, we're treated to Diane and Drew montage. I'll keep this stuff brief too.
-Ben (Drew) says he and Drew (Ben) are so much alike.
-Lindsey (good, happy twin) says she and Diane (evil, sulky twin) are opposites.
-A bunch of sappy Drew and Diane romance clips.
-Lindsey (good, happy twin) thinks that Drew is too good for Diane (evil, sulky twin).
-Both Ben and Lindsey are impressed by Adralie's performance so far.

Speaking of Diane (evil, sulky twin), it's time to have an HOH Chat. She says she was pretty angry and sulky about Jase winning the POV. However, she enjoyed making fun of the guys all week with the spycreen. She wants anyone to win HOH this week, save Cowboy and Jase. *cackles evilly*

Julie, satisfied with Diane's answers, sends us back to the Diary Room for more anticlimactic votes. This time, Will, Drew, and Adralie vote.

Notably, Adralie seems to like Scott more than Marvin. Man, Marvin's screwed now. There's no way she'd vote off someone she likes. I mean, Jase voted off his nemesis, Scott, right?

Will: "I vote to evict Scott."
Drew: "I vote to evict Marvin."
Adralie: "I vote to evict... (pause) It's just not flying off my tongue." (mysterious glance)

Big Brother Scoreboard
Scott: 3
Marvin: 3
It's Just Not Flying Off My Tongue: 1

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