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Big Brother 5 - Episode 14 Summary

'An Alliance of One' By bdemoney
Original Airdate: August 7, 2004

Previously on BB5, Scott was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 4-3. The twin twist was revealed and Jen won HOH. How will the hg’s react the twin twist and whom will Jen nominate? We will find out in just a minute. But first let’s flashback to Scott’s eviction….

Jase is shown whining in the DR about Scott being evicted. Cut to CB and Drew doing the same thing. They show Scott hugging the 4H’s goodbye. Diane says she liked Scott but he needed to go.

Next we see Jase pumping iron and saying what a snake Adria is and how her voting Scott out is the ultimate betrayal. (Yeah right, all she ever said was that she wouldn’t put either Scott or Jase up if she won HOH, not that she wouldn’t ever vote to evict one of them.) We then jump to previously unviewed footage from the live show. Right after Scott’s eviction but before the twin twist is revealed all the hg’s are gathered together and Jase is giving Adria a hard time for voting Scott out. He is saying she is a liar and cannot be trusted.

Marvin finally takes exception to this and says “C’mon dude. You ain’t happy for me?” to which Jase pulls Marvin into another room and tries to convince him that Karen voted to evict Marvin while Jase actually voted to keep Marvin in the house. Luckily Marvin was not born yesterday and knows this is a crock of sh*t and calls Jase on it. As Marvin puts it in the DR, “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”.

They join the other hg’s and Jase goes back to yelling at Adria and won’t let it rest. Marvin finally asks him in front of everyone else why he is so upset. “You said you wanted me to stay, I’m here, so why are you mad?” Marvin goes on to say that Jase even went as far as to threaten Karen before she voted, trying to get her to vote out Marvin instead of Scott. Which Jase denies. Although in typical BB fashion they then cut to a scene of Jase doing exactly that.

Next we see the twin twist being revealed by Julie. Jase just realizes the girl he was just b*tching out actually has an identical twin who just entered the game. He realizes just how screwed/dumb he really is. In his own words, “How big of a ##### am I?” (one can only guess).

We see all the hg’s reactions and everyone is absolutely shocked. Especially CB (Cowboy) who can’t even pronounce the word identical let alone fathom the idea that an identical twin has now entered the house. As Will says, “CB is crapping in his wranglers right now.”

We then jump to the HOH contest and see all the remaining 4 horseman getting eliminated at once. (too funny) and see Jen win. Jase and Marvin know their time is now running short. Heck, even CB can figure out that he, Drew, Marvin and Jase aren’t safe this week and no one even had to tell him to think that thought.

They shows Jen getting the HOH room. She receives all the usual crap. A stuffed cow, favorite pillow, a Flaming Lips CD and a picture of her and her dad. Will points out that CB has never seen a picture of his dad. CB is really moved by the picture and Jen tells him he can keep it in his room, which was really nice of her.

Fashion time. Will explains that he does not know what is up with Jase’s fashion statement, but that he is too distracted by his pit stains to actually notice what Jase is wearing. Unfortunately for Will the shirts Jase is usually sweating profusely in are actually Wills. Will goes on to diss Marvin’s spike necklace and talks about Jen’s punk/skater look. It turns out Jen owns over 40 some flannels. Yes, this girl should be on What Not To Wear, not BB. Will also mentions Karen’s blue eye shadow and cork wedges, which according to him are straight out of the 80’s. Will himself is actually dressed up like he is going to a 70’s disco that night, but that is apparently perfectly ok.

CB and Jase now realize they are completely on their own now. CB still wants to stick to their original alliance, but Jase realizes that ship has already sunk.

Next we see Drew working on Diane and trying to convince her how much he truly dislikes Jase and now realizes the 4 horsemen was actually a bad a idea. (Gotta love hindsight, huh Drew?). Diane seems to buy this and lets him know that all the hg’s love him.

Marvin is then seen approaching Diane with the pawn nomination idea. He explains that two people (like he and Diane) should be put up for nomination and then pick people they trust to do the veto competition. Then when veto is won that person will remove a nominee so that they can be replaced with a new nominee, namely Jase. This is the same theory the girls (and Will) have been batting around for a while now, so not sure if Marvin thought of it on his own or just overheard one of them talking about the plan and wanted to get in on it. Either way, it’s a good move on his part.

About this time, Jase starts making a sign saying “Starting Alliance, Join Today”. At first the hg’s are amused and give him their obligatory laughs, after a while it starts to get old. Although according to Jase this is all a part of his plan. To annoy the hg’s so much they will want to take him to the end, to be guaranteed the money. Who knows, maybe he’s onto something there? But I don’t think anyone’s willing to keep him around long enough to find out.

Food competition is next. It is a rotating table of pies. All the hg’s have to mash their mouths into the pie, with their hands behind their back, and pull out a tablet. Inside each Pie were tablets that had food items, whatever tablet they pulled out, they got that food for the week. There were also five eat cards hidden within the pies. If you got an eat card, you are able to eat the food for the week, if you are left without one, you eat pb&j for the week. If you found more than one eat card, you were able to keep both or give one to someone else. Also hidden in the pies was a steal card. If you get the steal card you are able to steal another players eat card. Natalie won two eat cards and elected to give her extra to Diane and Will received the steal card and promptly took Diane’s eat card away. So the winners were: Marvin, Karen, Natalie, Will, Cowboy, and Jen and the losers were: Drew, Diane, Jase, Adria.

Jase who has already had a pretty bad week said he yelled out and looked up when he lost because he was “waiting for the anvil to fall out of the sky and take me out”. Unfortunately for the viewing audience nothing of the sort actually happened.

A pie fight ensues afterwards and brings some much needed stress relief. In fact, Jase recommends that everyone pick up a pie and smash it in someone’s face and that “your day will instantly get better”. Have to say I agree with him there!

Next we have to hear about Jen’s smoking habit. Nicoderm gets a free plug. Then we are onto the funniest segment of the evening….CB’s inability to pronounce words. Which starts with him trying to say the name of his favorite western McLintock. Try as he might, he cannot say it. We are also treated to new words such as “confty” (As in this pillow is so “confty”.) and “pared” which seems to be a shorter version of the word compared. As in “pared to” CB we all seem like a nuerosurgeon, (or even a brain doctor). In fact CB is so incapable of pronouncing his favorite western that when asked a final time he finally just answers Lonesome Dove.

We then see Will, Karen and Jen discussing the “six finger plan” which is the decoy nomination plan discussed above. They decide it should work.

Jase on the other hand, has decided that his plan A didn’t work so he is now moving on to plan B. Which is to become a different person. Unfortunately for him, once an jackass always an jackass...

He is shown out in the hot tub trying to win Jen over by saying he was never really friends with Scott and how now that Scott is gone he will be able to be his “true” self. The kind, wonderful Jase that has been hiding from them since day one is now ready to emerge. Jen doesn’t buy what he has to sell her for an instant, but of course Jase thinks he did a great job convincing her.

Time for nominations. Jen pulls Jase’s key out first and he believes that she really bought the crap that he was pedaling to her. He even jumps up and hugs her, something I personally have never seen done during a nomination ceremony before! The next keys out are Karen, Natalie, CB, Adria, Will and Drew. Leaving Diane and Marvin up for nomination. Jen does a good job of explaining why she put these two up and even manages to keep herself from laughing or smiling at her brilliant plan while doing so.

Jase believes Jen bought his song and dance and thinks he is safe for another week. But will he end up being put on the block afterall? Who will end up winning veto? Will Jen change her hair color once again? Be sure and tune in Tuesday to see the answer to these and other important questions.....

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