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Big Brother 5 - Episode 16 Summary

'The Urinator!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: August 12, 2004

Kermit starts the show with a recarp of how things have gone over the past week. BTW, Kermit is Julie as she is dressed in this bright green blouse, lighter green slacks and bright green shoes looking like Kermit the frog! Kermit continues to tell us that Drew used the POV to save Diane and Nakomis placed The Urinator (we will get into this later) on the block!

Drew dismisses the POV meeting and Cowboy goes over and hugs The Urinator. Drew goes over to hug or to shake hands with Urinator and he just walks past him and says, “sorry Drew”!

In a rare moment for the salty liquid one, he tells Cowboy that he is sorry and that if Cowboy hadn’t fallen for their foolishness, he (Cowboy) would not be in this predicament. Drew comes in and says he wants to talk and Urinator says he doesn’t want to talk. However, they end up having a conversation! Cowboy and The Urinator end up telling Drew he isn’t a man of his word and that he is a liar! Funny how things change isn’t it? For the first five weeks, Scott/Jase lies and makes fun of peeps, when the shoe is on the other foot…The Urinator isn’t happy! Poor wittle ting!

The Urinator storms out and into the kitchen where Diane is putting on her shoes. Diane asks if it is ok for him to save Holly and not ok for Drew to save her. The Urinator tells Diane that outside the house, Drew would not date her and that he (Drew) could have any girl and most gay men he wanted! Well, he didn’t say gay men but I can always hope! Diane goes running to Drew crying saying that no one ever comes to her defense and that he isn’t sticking up for her! During this, the warm yellow fluid one comes to the door and Diane says that she doesn’t want to talk to him and she doesn’t want an apology. The Urinator says good because I came to tell you to kiss my A$$!

Drew and Cowboy in the bathroom talking and Cowboy wants to know what happened. Drew says they are outnumbered and Cowboy says that he took Drew at his word and honor. Cowboy asks Drew if he made a deal with “them” and Drew says no. Then, Cowboy says, “good because we are splitting images of each other” The screen splits and we see side by side shots of Drew and Cowboy. WTF? NOTE TO COWBOY: Drew is far better looking and has a far better body than you! You are not in the same league as Drew! This is just too damn disturbing. I have no idea what you are talking about Cowboy!

The Urinator decides to use reverse psychology on Will and Karen and he begs them to vote him out. The Urinator tells Cowboy that his plan is brilliant and will work like a champ!

Back to the live show and I have to add that Drew looks so hot in his green shirt. Kermit chats with the housemates and nothing major happens here other than to say that Cowboy was clean-shaven, haircut and no hat! He looked much better but is not a splitting image of Drew!

ALISON WARNING: Now, we are given an update on last season’s ex’s and what they are doing now. Erika is living in a yellow house surrounded with a forest of flowers! She said she talks with Jack and he was the best thing that happened to her in the house. Robert says he is glad he got to be on BB and that he and Erika sort of patched things up and they are now friends. Justin just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and is moving to L.A. to move-in with Robert. Alison says she had fun on TAR and that her and Donnie broke-up. Jee is living in Queens and was surprised to learn that they were nicknamed the three stooges. Jun bought an apartment in New York City and her father died a month ago. She doesn’t talk with Jee! Robert says that he would have walked out the door if there had been 2 Alisons. The screen splits and we see 2 Alisons. MY EYES! MY EYES!

Back to Kermit and she is interviewing Nakomis in HOH room. Nakomis talks about giving Cowboy the picture of their dad. She also says that she would not nominate Cowboy but would vote against him! Nakomis explains why she targeted Jase, “he lies, he cheats, and he pees on stuff!” Now we have it! Call it pee pee because it is all urine! But, I want to know what he peed on besides the tub, backyard and Scott? Hhhhhmmmm…

We are shown a segment on Marvin and an interview with his mother. She is very proud of him and thinks he is doing well. She is surprised about some of the “dirty words” he is using. She got urinated off when the 4 donkey alliance was lying to him! HEHEHE!

Kermit interviews the two nominees: Marvin goes first and says good things about everyone and then makes a fool of himself by hugging The Urinator and telling him that he loves him! The Urinator goes next and calls everyone by name and says something good about everyone…including Drew! He gives Diane a ceramic cat as a peace offering!

The live eviction is up next! Kermit opens the envelope and reveals that The Urinator is evicted by a vote of 6-1! The Urinator takes it very well and hugs everyone on the way out the door.

Kermit tells The Urinator he was a good sport about things! He says he wanted to play the game “off-the-wall” and he had fun doing it! All-in-all, The Urinator takes this very well and says that he would not do anything differently! The houseguest messages were really sort of harsh with Will saying he hopes Jase will take a look at how he treated certain people. Diane tells him to thank her for getting him evicted! WTF? I thought this was Nakomis! Adria says that the Jase she knows is a total BUTT! Nakomis says that Jase should have gotten to know her and she wouldn’t have developed the plan to evict him and The Urinator says, “good point”!

NOW…for the greatest moment this season and possibly the most awkward moment on reality TV! Kermit says that The Urinator thought Holly had a twin but in fact, she does not. However, Holly is in the studio tonight! The warm wet one says, “OH really?” Holly appears with a screech and then The Urinator says, “was she here last week for Scott?” Holly grabs him and hugs him and he puts his hands on her sides and says, “Nice shirt…good to see you.” They both sit down and Holly scoots close as Jase sort of moves away from her. The Urinator has the most puzzled look on his face and is as cold and hard as Holly’s mannequin! Jase is obviously so caught off guard and looks like he is thinking how am I gonna get out of this? He actually looks worried! Holly says that they need to talk and Jase says, “definitely!” This is the funniest thing I have seen on BB this season and very well could be the funniest thing I have seen on reality TV!

HOH competition is just like the game of “rebound”. A court is split in the middle and they have to slide a puck up one side, the puck hits two rubber bands at the top and rebounds down the other side. The person’s puck that is the closest to a marked blue area wins. Adria goes first and gets fairly close! Everyone else has their try but can’t get any closer. Adria is the new HOH!

Next person voted out becomes the first person on the jury to decide this year’s winner!


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