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Big Brother 6 - Episode 28 Summary

'Two Girl Scouts and a Jedi' By LadyT
Original Airdate: September 16, 2005

I know I should recap the previous episode, but really just go read Libra Rising's excellent one. If I could link it I would. But here is a brief recap.

In a less than shocking move, Boobie Man Howie was evicted. The beefcake is gone and now the girls have nothing to look at but each other. However, Beau will be happy once Howie shows up at the Jury House. Janelle kicked some ##### and won HOH where she nominated Maggie and Ivette. Ivette almost went into cardiac arrest when she won POV as she thought she would be the one going home. Alas, April, the Queen of the Plastic Surgery and mother to Pepperoni was sent packing.

The Final Three HOH competition began and like all previous ones was an endurance competition. Janelle, Ivette and Maggie, who I will now call the three of them together as a group JIM had to stand on a safe and hold keys with their names on it. The platform which looked like it was maybe 6 inches wide started to rotate. JIM had to move along with it. As Janelle will tell us, it goes fast and slow and in different directions. They look strong as they move along with it.

Since someone is getting evicted tonight, we get to see the Chenbot. YAY!!! My night is complete. I really don't care what she says but I do notice that since she has married well she has gotten a much better wardrobe. I wonder, was the wardrobe from previous seasons used to entice ole Les?

After commercial break, we see JIM on the rotating wheel. Maggie, in an effort to win a vote tells them that it is an honor to be with them. Yep, such an honor to be with Janelle after you called her how many names? I am sure Janelle went to bed happy that night knowing that Maggie thinks she's honorable. Ivette is praying and so sad that she evicted April just mere moments ago. Well Ivette you did offer her the Power of Veto and to shove it where the sun don't shine. But I guess all is forgiven. Janelle is happy that she crushed their dreams to be together in the Final Three because she knew they wanted April there and not her.

Two hours has passed and we are still going strong. Is this going to be another pressure cooker night that lasts til dawn. Not even close. Janelle is struggling at three hours. In a surprise, yet calculating move to maybe secure a jury house vote, Maggie and Ivette start encouraging Janelle to hang on. Um, WTF? You want your other competitors to fall off so that you can win the first part of HOH. Janelle trips and falls off leaving behind Ivette and Maggie. And yes Ivette, America does hate you, you don't have to confirm it for us.

Then we get treated to a conversation that I will takie a little creative license with, but you all will get my point.

"I love you Maggie."
"I love you Ivette"
"I love you more Maggie"
"If I could I would stretch my arms out really wide to show you the love I feel for you Ivette."
"Awww, Maggie. You know that you are going to the Final Two because Janelle will take you."
"Please don't tell me that Ivette when we are spreading the love through the Cult I created I mean the Friendship"
"Ok, but its true."
"Don't tell me that"

Apparently this conversation has thrown Maggie for a loop. We are at the 4 hour mark and Maggie is deep in thought. Twenty minutes later she falls. Or did she throw it like Ivette suspects. Janelle comes out and asks what happened and Mags is insistent that she fell as Ivette thinks she threw it. Oh who cares, Ivette won and she isn't hyperventaliting. Not yet at least. Since she won that part of the HOH she gets the final safe. It tells her to go outside. Right before her very eyes are two Vespa motorscooters. Let the hyperventalting begin!

We move on to the next day and part two of the HOH competition between Janelle and Maggie. There is a platform with a padlock on the side, questions on top and numbers corresponding to the questions. The questions all have an answer from one to nine and it is the combo to the padlock. First one to get all numbers correct and get their key wins. We have such questions as:

How many women were in the pressure cooker?
Number times that the Power of Veto was not used (why don't they change the name to the power of James)
Number of pairs still left when Eric was evicted
Number of hamsters that won Power of James two times in a row.
Number of votes to keep Rachel in the house
Number of hamsters who won HOH and Power of James in the same week
Number of items in the Snack Shack from Hell.

I know I am missing some but really it was more fun to watch Maggie draw her brows together and keep getting it wrong. In the end she was only one off and Janelle won. Leaving the final matchup to be between Ivette and Janelle. LET"S GET READY TO RUUUUMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!!

Janelle and Ivette are playing chess when Janelle talks some strategy Janelle promises to take Ivette to the Final Two if she wins. She also asks what's more important, friendship or money? Ivette pauses to think about that.

JIM is sitting in the living room when Chenbot who is in that freaky television screen starts asking the question, Who do you miss most and who do you miss the least. Janelle misses Michael the most and Eric the least. No real surprise there. Maggie misses Eric the most and that mean ole James the least. Ivette misses CAPPY the most and Ashlea the least. Ashlea, who the hell was that?

Next Chenbot lets us know what the first five hamsters have been doing since they left. Ashlea, well since I have no idea who you are I couldn't get an answer out of you other than you may have watched the first Superman and saw the kiss between Michael and Janelle. Michael and Kaysar have been hanging out discussing who is hotter. I know, all of the SB boards think its Kaysar but come on people, can anyone beat Dr Will Kirby? (I had to work him in somehow as I still have the biggest crush on him). Michael misses Janelle and Kaysar will be on the Young and the Restless this week I think. Sarah went to visit her family and has yet to buy a clue. James said mean things about you yet you think that your relationship is stronger than ever. Whatever.

It's part three of the HOH between Ivette, the Ball of Fire and Janelle, the Comeback Kid. It's the game of how well do you know the jury. One of the jury will say a sentence and they will be two choices. Whomever has the most points at the end wins.

Howie: What was the most annoying thing about the house? People saying they wanted to leave or not enough boobie? Answer, people saying that they wanted to leave. Really I think for him it was not enough boobies around. Ivette gets a point.

Rachel: What was the most shocking moment in the house? When Michael and Eric fought or the fact that you lived so long with a bunch of pigs who never cleaned up after themselves? Answer: When Michael and Eric fought or the fact that no one but you cleans. No points.

Beau: Who would you most want to have a romantic moment with, Michael, Howie or the voice of Big Brother. Answer: Michael. No points.

James: Who is the hottest guy, Kaysar or James? After he looks in the mirror for an extrondarily long time he answers, Kaysar. Ivette gets her second point.

Jennifer: Biggest mistake you made in the game? Not sticking up for Michael or applying for the show in the first place. Answer: Not sticking up for Michael. Janelle gets a point.

April: Who deserved the phone call from home more, April or Ivette? Well since we know that April is so modest we have to easily conclude that the answer will be herself. April. Janelle gets a point and we have a tie.

Tiebreaker question: What is the combined number of all votes to evict this season. After much deliberating on their parts and Mags almost having a nervous breakdown, they both write 66. Next tiebreaker question is how many hours have they been in the house. Ivette answers with 1875 while Janelle answers 1900. Sorry Janelle, Ivette wins and Maggie breathes a sigh of relief as Ivette tells Janelle how awesome she is in an effort to try and get her jury vote.

Ivette has to evict right away and tells Janelle how amazing and wonderful she is but she has to honor her commitment. Maggie is happy as she walks Janelle to the door. The Nerd Herd has won peeps, they have won. After Janelle leaves they fall into each others arms and scream and cry. Ten to one says they sleep in the HOH bed together.

Janelle sits with Chenbot and claims she knew she was going if Ivette won. Janelle thinks Mags will win the whole thing even though Ivette chose friendship over money. They watch the tapes and Maggie apologizes for believing bad things about her and Ivette respects her and tells her to be proud. All this in an effort to get her vote. Janelle, I can't wait for you to see what they really said about you.

Well, the Nerd Herd has won. Cappy will be so proud right now.

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