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Big Brother 6 - Episode 20 Summary

'James Is So Lonely' By volsfan
Original Airdate: August 23, 2005

Previously on Big Brother... Beau had just won HOH after Jen got evicted. Who will he nominate? Who will win POV and will it be used? Let’s find out.

We go back to the eviction of Jen and see the maggots sad as Ivette and April give confessions. However, James just says that it clears out another cot!

After this we have to relive Beau winning HOH. The maggots are all happy and screaming. Ivette is jumping up and down as if she just had sex with Ellen. Beau bursts out to Ivette, Maggie and April that he is nominating Howie and Rachel.

After that Maggie has to get out her coloring book and crayons to draw and color the situation. She takes the red crayon to draw a male and explains this is James. She takes out the blue crayon and draws four stick figures to represent them (the maggots). Next up is the purple crayon for 3 more stick figures that represent Rachel, Howie and Janelle. The red and purple figures need to be targets next week she tells them. She catches on faster than April can yell, “I D O N ‘T C A R E!”

Rachel and Howie are in the fold room reliving all the bad moves they have mad starting with Howie getting HOH. Janelle shows up with facial cram all over her face. She looks like Bozo the clown. They continue to stroll down memory lane and complain but I am moving on.

Beau gets his HOH room as EVERYONE goes to see it. Beau got a picture from home and rock that says “LOVE” on it. The door had barely been opened when Ivette and Maggie start moving in the maggots. We have to live through a 5-minute segment on how Cappy goes everwhere with them and then we see Cappy’s picture with his baseball cap on it. Can we bury Cappy all ready? GEEZ! BTW…where was a pic of Jen?

Beau, Maggie, Ivette and Howie are in the kitchen and Howie apologized for saying bad things about April’s husband and dog. He didn’t apologize for attacking her though. April and Ivette make jokes but April isn’t buying it. In confessional, Howie says Hurricane Howie is brewing just off Busto Island.

Maggie, April and Beau are in the backyard with Maggie in another educational quest. Maggie is trying to make Beau understand that James needs to be a target sooner rather than later. Beau asks why not Rachel, Howie, Janelle and then James. Again the crayons come out for the game challenged ones. After Maggie tells Beau that James is a huge competitor and can beat them at challenges. (She seemed to leave out the part that James is going to target her the first time he wins HOH.)

The Nomination Ceremony

Beau calls the meeting to order and pulls the first key from the box:

• 1st person safe: Ivette
• 2nd person safe: April
• 3rd person safe: Maggie
• 4th person safe: James
• 5th person safe: Janelle

Janelle’s face becomes white as her Bozo face earlier. She says, “Thanks, I think?” She was convinced she was nominated. Too freaking funny!

Beau tells Howie he was nominated because of the actions he portrayed last week. Beau then tells Rachel that in the Cappy days she played both sides but now there is no gray area just black and white. Rachel flashes a couple of frowns and sets off Ivette.

{Hypocrisy rant}*holds mirror in front of Ivette* Ivette is in the DR saying that Rachel is a sore loser and that she makes crazy faces. She goes on to call her a miserable old hag, miserable aging woman and sarcastic wench…she is so nasty she can’t stand her. {/rant} *removes mirror*

James is calling the maggots “the girl scout troop” and explains to us that they hate Rachel because they think she is a better player than Janelle.

The hammies come in from lockdown and discover a smaller table. They all gather round the table and make small talk. They talk of how proud they are to still be in the game.


The Players:

• Beau picks James (because he won’t use it if he wins)
• Howie picks Janelle
• Rachel picks April (because she is the weakest player)

The Game:

There are floating pictures of the hammies in the pool. Each picture is fixed to the bottom with clips. Each person has to go into pool and unclip one picture at a time. The pictures have to go into 2 glass columns standing side-by-side. The pictures have to be aligned with their secret partner. The winner will be the person that can complete said task in the shortest amount of time.

The Outcome:

• Howie: 6:20
• James: 5:47
• April: 9:53

I have to do a little mention of April and her face plant into the backyard. I think she hit hard enough to burst her implants. This was the funniest thing I have seen so far this year.

• Beau: 6:37
• Rachel: 8:52
• Janelle: 5:51

James wins his 4th POV! (5th if you want to include the TV POV he won for Sarah) I think we should call it “The James” instead of POV.

We are shown clips of peeps wondering if James will use the POV and then we have to watch James talk about not having a partner. BRAK BRAK BRAK!

The POV Ceremony

After Rachel and Howie basically saying nothing James decides to not use the veto.

Who will be evicted next? Who will win HOH? Stay tuned…


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