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Big Brother 6 - Episode 10 Summary

'Boobs and Rubes' By Bucky Katt
Original Airdate: July 30, 2005

To recap where we are in the game:

• Eric = Goodbye!
• Maggie = New HOH

Reaction to Thursday is predictable. Half the house (Maggie, Patty Bouvier Ivette, Beau, April and Jennifer) are sad that their beloved Cappy is gone and happy that Maggie won HOH. The other six (Kaysar, Janelle, Houndog Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah) are all happy that Eric is gone but devastated that Maggie now has power for the week. Both sides comment on how divided the house is.

James consoles Sarah about her choke job in the HOH competition. In the DR, James describes her as ‘beautiful, somewhat intelligent and not good in physical competitions’. Now you might think James is a jackass for saying that, but which part of it isn't true?

The hamsters react to the news of the $1,000,000 first prize if a couple makes it to the final two. Houndog correctly points out that this means that the couples will be targeted even more so than before while all Ivette talks about is winning twice as much money and buying things for her fellow alliance members. Ivette is totally oblivious to the strategic disadvantage to being part of a twosome - actually, she is totally oblivious to strategy period.

The hamsters start discussing the ramifications of Maggie’s HOH win. Janelle thinks that Kaysar, James and herself will be targeted as they are the leaders of that alliance. Maggie and Ivette decide that they should carry out the plan that Eric devised before he left. Of course, neither of them has clued into the fact that Eric’s planning got him out of the house in three weeks. Then again, it isn’t like any of them can come up with a plan of their own.

The new HOH bedroom is shown with the usual crap from home and the expected reaction from the two factions in the house.

Now time for some real strategizing. Maggie calls in Rachel and Maggie tells Rachel that she likes her as a person. More importantly, Eric liked her so therefore she must be ok. Before things get too far the two women pull in Houndog as well. Maggie accuses Houndog of being the one who suggested that it be Maggie and James to go up last week (which he was, a clip is shown of him suggesting it) and Houndog simply avoids the issue by saying he wasn’t HOH and it wasn’t his decision. Maggie asks Houndog if she could trust the two of them to not put her up next week if they win HOH if she doesn’t put them up this week. Since Maggie has no intention of putting them up (Eric didn’t tell her to so why would she?) she really has nothing to lose by offering this. Houndog says that sounds ok to him but obviously his partner would have to ok that too and Rachel does. Maggie puts way too much stock into that thinking that Rachel makes all the decisions of the two of them when in fact it appeared the Houndog was only doing the right thing in conferring with his partner before making a deal. Rachel comments in the DR that a deal is a strategic move implying that the deal may not hold up long.

During the commercials there is an ad for the BB live feeds stating that you can watch whatever you want whenever you want. How many of you out there that are watching (thanks by the way, you are doing a kick ass job) would say that is true? You can watch what you want as long as it isn’t the HOH competition, the nomination ceremony, the POV competition, the POV ceremony, the eviction or any time one of the hamsters says anything the least bit controversial. So, you get hamsters popping zits and bitching about being bored all day.

Back to the so called action, James is trying to get back in with the Five Chick Alliance while Sarah comments to Janelle that by going and talking to the other side he is putting more or a target on his back. I agree Sarah, going and spilling the beans to the other side is a bad strategic move that I am sure you would never, ever do...

James is trying to reason with the others but that is obviously a waste of time. They all feel that by winning POV and using it on himself, James caused Eric to be evicted. I guess that they think that James should have just given up on the game and let the Holy Patron Saint of Big Brother continue on. James comments in the DR that when Eric sold him out for Maggie that Eric would have done the same thing to Ivette, Beau and the others but they are too stupid, too brainwashed or too blind to see it. And your point is? Doesn’t everyone already know that?

Next, James goes into the HOH room to talk to Maggie alone. James states that he thinks the ‘individuals’ are more dangerous than the ‘partners’ although he doesn’t elaborate. He then promises that if he isn’t nominated and he wins POV that he won’t veto one of Maggie’s picks. He confirms that even if Sarah is on the block he won’t do it because he may function better without her. Talk about selling your booty call down the river. James comments to Maggie that he has a hard time reading her. Then Maggie gets into a conversation with James about him lying about his occupation and suggesting that perhaps she is lying about hers which makes James believe she is a cop in that she is using classic interrogation techniques. Maggie neither confirms nor denies the suspicion. James is convinced she is one and states so in the DR.

This just in, Howie the Houndog loves boobies and talks about them all the time. This finally gives Jennifer something to talk about in the DR as she has nothing else to contribute to the show.

Kaysar and Janelle believe that Kaysar and James will be put up with Janelle being the replacement if James or Sarah win POV and use it on James. Kaysar attempts to rally his alliance members, especially Sarah, in light of this being a difficult week for them.

Speaking of boobies, during the commercial break CBS runs a promo for their new fall drama starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Although it seems like all Ivette does is bitch and complain, apparently she has also made a bird feeder, made a ‘ghetto’ waterslide, devised a way to play checkers on the carpet, invented the coaster game and has been responsible for concocting some interesting dishes during a PB&J week. So if we could only muzzle her she may be an attribute to society after all.

Speaking of PB&J, time for the food competition. The hamsters are playing Matching Munchies which was set up like a 1970s game show. Six of the hamsters (Janelle, James, Ivette, Rachel, Beau and Jennifer) were each given a fill-in-the-blank sentence and of the other four (Sarah, Kaysar, April and Houndog), two of them had to get the same answer to get food for each day of the week. Amazingly, the hamsters got exactly two matches on each question including the bonus question that was answered by Jennifer - so the hamsters get a full week of normal food for everyone. The bonus question not only gave them food for the seventh day but also the final two numbers to one of the safes in the Gold Room.

Up to the Gold Room and after a half hour of trying to get the safe open (Didn’t they have lockers in hich school? This isn’t Fort Knox you morons.) they find inside a plate full of PB&J sandwiches. I sure hope those sandwiches were put in there during the food competition. One sandwich also has a PB&J Pass inside of it that will entitle the holder to be exempt from any PB&J punishments for the duration of the show. The pass can also be given to any individual for a one week period. Janelle selected the lucky sandwich and no longer has to eat PB&J. Does this count as one of the secrets this year? If so, big deal. I’m sick of the whole PB&J thing anyway. Every year it is the same bitching and moaning about it.

After that, we get Houndog pretending to try and make out with Beau much to the entertainment of James and Sarah who are watching. What did we learn from all this? Beau doesn’t give it up on the first date *snort* and these hamsters must be really dull for this to be make the television broadcast.

Nominations are coming but before they do, Sarah goes into the HOH room to spill her guts to the Five Chick Alliance – doing exactly what she said James shouldn’t do a day earlier. She’s telling the others that Kaysar and Janelle are tight, James and Sarah aren’t in real close with the other four, and that Houndog is a much stronger player then they are giving him credit for. All of which are true. However, to Maggie and the other chicks it seemed like an effort to deflect attention away from James - which obviously was Sarah’s motivation.

Nomination time! Maggie collects the keys while those not in her alliance contemplate their potential fate this week. Maggie’s speech: ‘When I got the HOH things were black and white but now they are a little gray.’ What the hell does that mean? At least try and make a speech! The keys start to be pulled out. April, Ivette, Jennifer, Beau, Rachel, Houndog, Sarah, Janelle. So the nominations are Kaysar and James.

Next episode: POV competition and ceremony. Also, it is the last episode of these losers I am contractually obligated to watch.

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