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Big Brother 6 - Episode 23 Summary

'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' By Snidget
Original Airdate: September 1, 2005

Fifteen minutes to show time.

Assistant: Sir we have a problem.
Arnold Shapiro: And that would be?
Asst: Well we’ve still got too many Houseguests.
AS: I though they assured me that by now given the cast we have and the torture we designed someone was certain to have quit by now so we wouldn’t run over on our allotted weeks.
Asst: Well Ashlea did leave sequester…
AS: She was already evicted. They assured me that our continual rigging of the game against certain players would force a quit.
Asst: It appears by banding together they are more resilient than we thought.
AS: They assured me that Latina one would crack. What about Janelle winning the phone call.
Asst: That was brilliant sir.
AS: Wait, are you sure {counts for a minute} there are the two guys left and four girls {checks calendar} why are we even having this conversation?
Asst: You forgot Beau.
AS: Beau who?
Asst: The guy we cast to let Marcelles know he was replaceable as a host for Housecalls.
AS: He is still there? Are you sure?
Asst: Yep.
AS: Darn, then we need to get rid of an extra Houseguest, but how?
Asst: We still have the Double Elimination Program we can download into the ChenBot.
AS: I know! We will just use the Double Elimination Program we downloaded in the ChenBot a few weeks ago. Ahhhhh yesssss, that will do nicely. The cameramen need some time off to get those twitches and hysterical deafness problems treated anyway.
Asst: Brilliant sir! Two birds with one stone.

And so we begin.

Recrap: April wins HOH so the Fiendsheep dominate two weeks in a row. April explains the process for backdooring someone. She completes step one by nominating Janelle and Howie. When James is not chosen for competing in the POV his remaining neurons connect the dots that he is going to be backdoored. All the houseguests but James root in the mud for keys to compete for the Power of Veto which April wins {now we know why she had that nose job, to get rid of the pig snout}. Ivette tries to convince them to evict Janelle and save James from the plan with the same level of success she has had in every competition so far and Janelle is saved and James is nominated for eviction. Who will be evicted Howie or James, stay tuned while See-BS tries to mislead you for the next 35-40 minutes.

Theme music and opening sequence.

Chenbot comes on wearing a black top with enough white trim on it one could use it as a signaling device to attract attention of military helicopters when you need to be evacuated from the roof of a building. She goes over the whole recrap in case anyone didn’t understand it the first time around.

And the Double Eviction Program Initiates. Same set up as last time.

But before the live vote lets see if James tries to continue his streak to be the first houseguest so eviction proof they have to cast him for the next series. After all some stunts are just too lame for any reality series to use.

Through the use of videotape they once again remind us of how one generally, and April specifically goes about backdooring someone {what is the fascination in the editing with April and backdoors?} James explains they should have put him up against Janelle because it was bad for the Fiendsheep for him to be up against Howie. Yeah James, Janelle wouldn’t have anything resembling the same ideas that Howie does about evicting people.. He admits to Ivette that against Janelle he’d have a chance to save himself, but not against Howie.

James and Ivette hug like people who might never see each other again in this lifetime. Maggie notices that they seem to have an emotional connection. Maggie says it is strategically bad for Ivette to hang onto him. Or is that it would be strategically better for Maggie if Ivette just played her role as pawn like a good girl and didn’t think about what might be best for her. After all dragging James to the end would probably get her more votes than being there with any of the Fiendsheep.

James works Ivette to try to save himself. He asks who made the decision to get rid of Janelle to figure out who to pull to his side and seems to wonder why Ivette would stay loyal to an alliance that holds the majority {lets see, um it is a numbers game and you stay where the numbers help you?} Ivette works Maggie to make her vote to keep James, but ruining this bit of misdirection in the diary room Maggie says she just told Ivette what she wanted to hear. Seems she is tired of repeating the same negative stories over and over and over. Be careful sistah, talk like that will get you thrown out of the Fiendsheep as the rest of your little group just lives for that.

James and Howie start the whole you really should evict the other guy campaign. In the process Howie wakes Ivette up from her afternoon nappy time. So now James decides to go after Janelle to add to the Beau and Ivette pair to save his butt for another week. And in the misdirection editing cut number two Janelle wonders in the diary room if maybe she would have a better chance with James since he does better in the competitions than Howie who has been slacking in that area. James lies to Ivette about Janelle pinkie swearing, because he would lie about a dead Grandmother if that hadn’t been done already to get another week in the game. James tells Ivette that if she just does this one thing she will own the game. James, only if you can win the HOH for her like you won the power of veto for Sarah.

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