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Big Brother 6 - Episode 18 Summary

'Who's Got My Back?' By volsfan
Original Airdate: August 18, 2005

Previously on Big Brother:

Kaysar returned to the game with 82% of the votes from the first America’s Choice of the season within minutes of competing for HOH.

The challenge was a pressure cooker with all players standing holding buttons and the last person standing would win HOH.

After standing for more than 14 hours Kaysar and Jen were the final two with Jen swearing on her unborn child, boyfriend, car, house, and Pepperoni (April’s dog) that Kaysar was completely safe from everything.

Well, as we now know Jen “broke her word” and now we have Janelle and Kaysar on the block. Who gets the boot? Let’s find out…

The show starts with Chenbot version 161.3 in a pair of white slacks and a black blouse. Chenbot’s hair looks better than past shows because it isn’t as puffy as the Pilsbury Doughboy! She actually looks very nice and informs the viewers that there will be an eviction, HOH challenge and nominations over the next hour. Tonight is going to be action packed.

Just to make sure we are all on the same page here is how things will take place. There will be an eviction tonight and the new HOH will have to nominate 2 for eviction immediately. The POV challenge, meeting and eviction will take place before Saturday’s show making it a very special episode of Big Brother. But wait there is more…a new HOH will be crowned as well. So peeps, get ready for a full episode of surprises coming Saturday.

Everyone is absolutely shocked immediately following the POV meeting where Jen nominated Kaysar. In the DR, April explains that “the friendship” had played an honest game until this week…BRAK BRAK BRAK. As she talks I realize that I would rather listen to my dog scratch her butt on a barbed wire fence than listen to this wench. It absolutely amazes me how the fiendship (not misspelled) rationalizes their actions so easily and how quickly they come to grips with their hypocrisy!

Kaysar, Howie, Janelle, Jen and April are shown in the kitchen with Kaysar wanting to know what happened over the week to make him a target after Jen swore on every living creature. Jen has no response other than she didn’t know she was going to put up Kaysar when she swore on her life in the pressure cooker. See, here comes the rational decision that clears things right up…clear as mud that is. Kaysar asks Jen if she can cry on cue because she is great at it. Jen goes on to say that Kaysar won’t believe anything she says ever. Who in hell would believe this piehole? Seriously, Jen has lied so smoothly with no regrets that it is scary. If Jen’s boyfriend is reading this…RUN! Kaysar gets no answers for his questions and just walks away saying he has no respect for Jen.

At some point, Howie decided to target the mentally weakest (possibly challenged) player on Maggie’s team to psychologically harass and try to get into their head to split the team. The person? April! Picture it…the backyard early afternoon with Kaysar, April, Janelle, Rachel and Howie sitting at the table (All of a sudden I am sounding like Sophia on The Golden Girls) and things get heated as Howie begins a tirade that he dubbed Hurricane Howie and I would put it on a category 4 level to hit category 5 a little later in the show.

Before continuing let me say that most of what happens with all the bickering is childish and very immature. However, for those of us that have had to endure the fiendship and April’s remarks from day 1 on the live feeds this was such sweet revenge! Howie is basically giving April a dose of her own medicine except he isn’t whispering behind their backs and is just bringing it out in the open in front of everyone.

The argument begins with April telling Kaysar that it isn’t fair for him to solely blame Jen for him being nominated because it was a group decision. Howie starts his ripping by telling Aril there are people in the house that haven’t won many challenges, haven’t competed and yet they scream and threaten others. He then tells April that Jen/April just took themselves out of the game and that neither of them will be in the final two. Until this point I am not so sure that April was onto the clues that Howie was actually talking about her.

Howie continues to berate April (as Maggie comes out to join the fun) by telling her that her and her partner get the power and all of a sudden she is a target. He tells her that she runs around whispering and afraid of what she says because she may end up on the block. Howie tells April that if he wins HOH she will be on the block and she will get the boot. I have to say that Howie has caught April off-guard with his blasts. April has a look on her face like WTF have I done? Her face is as empty as her skull! PRICELESS! This argument reminds me of a kid getting all excited about going to visit friends and knowing that they going to be racing but when the kid gets to the race…the others have bikes and the kid has a big wheel. There is no competition.

The verbal assault continues as Howie again tells April that he doesn’t care any more and he will say what he wants and he isn’t scared of being nominated. April butts in and says she didn’t make the decision. Janelle (with a stare that would scare Satan) says, “I thought you did because you are a group…right?” The hurricane continues with Howie telling April that she has no cigarettes and no dog. April says that Howie is being mean. Howie screams at her that she chose to play mean and he will play f*cking meaner!

Howie gets up and walks to the center of the backyard and April says that Howie is looking like an idiot. Janelle (with the same scaring Satan stare) says, “At least he doesn’t look like a liar.” At this point the emptiness between April’s ears doesn’t understand that statement as a jab at her. Her face never changes and she has no response.

April’s feeble attempt to come back with anything was a question for Howie at who has the better life outside the house. Howie came back with “What do you have? A fat husband and an ugly dog!” The bitterness Howie is showing is priceless and I love it! However, if I were April I would be pulling aside these so called best friends that she has fallen in love with and asking who the hell had my back. Maggie just sat her on butt while Howie totally broke April down and never once did she try to usher April in the house or anything. With friends like that…

April has had enough and retreats inside where she goes to the HOH bathroom and shuts the door. She is in tears as she kneels over the porcelain throne and prays that God gives her the strength to not let Howie get to her. Give me a freaking break! The time for praying was like 15 minutes ago before the winds of Hurricane Howie had her hair looking like the arse of a porcupine. The woman is in tears on her knees over the crapper praying that God gives her strength and I know there have been miracles performed before but I hope He is watching more important things than Big Brother.

Now it’s time for Janelle to get into the bashing as she enters the kitchen with, (in her Oh Howie! voice) “Rachel, you’re so beautiful!…Maggie, you’re such a b!tch!…Jen, you look like a clown!” Janelle is drinking wine as April walks by and tells Janelle that she is so drunk she can’t even see straight. Janelle denies it and calls her a gold digging bi!tch. This is also the beginning of Howie calling April a “busted blonde” that eventually gets shortened to “busto”.

More drama as Janelle leaves no stone unhurled. Beau walks through the kitchen and Janelle calls him a gold digging male whore. BTW, Beau and Janelle are drunk at this point as BB had given them wine and liquor earlier in the evening. Eventually, Beau and Janelle get into a shouting/shoving match in the living room and as everyone pulls them apart Beau calls Janelle a, “polyester-hair b!tch”.

Ok, I know this type of harassment has been going on for a while but Howie and Janelle are really getting to April and Beau to an extent. Howie discussed the plan in the DR and I have to admit they have successfully started breaking them down. The whole team has a look of disbelief. I know some of us have jokingly said that we thought the fiendship expected the others to just line-up and let them vote off each of them one at a time. However, I am beginning to think that is exactly what they thought.

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