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Big Brother 6 - Episode 11 Summary

'Five Sisters & Four Brothers' By Bucky Katt
Original Airdate: August 2, 2005

To recap where we are in the game:

• Maggie = HOH
• Kaysar & James = Nominated for eviction

We start with reaction to the nominations. Maggie is patting herself on the back for doing such a great job – even though she herself admits that it wasn’t even her plan. Maggie expects a lot of fighting this week over the nominations.

And from the file of the really bizarre, Sarah is bawling her eyes out because she pulled the last key out and it belonged to Janelle and not her beloved James. Sarah feels that she is somehow responsible for James being on the block. Sarah is so beautiful yet she is also very dumb and way too insecure. She is so my type! I’m now rooting for her. I hope she wins and dumps that dumbass James. To his credit, James does console Sarah and tells her that it isn’t her fault.

Kaysar confides in Janelle that he believes he will go unless he or Janelle wins the veto. James believes that Maggie’s nominations are completely emotional and not strategic and confirms that he will pick Sarah for veto as nobody else will take him off.

Ivette decides to go have a little cry session in the bathroom and April consoles her. Now, why do you think she is crying? She misses her friends and family? She misses her girlfriend? She misses being connected to the rest of the world? No – Ivette is crying because ‘Eric was taken from me and it hurts like nobody can ever imagine’. How the hell did this wackjob get past the psych evaluation? He’s not dead – you will see him again in a couple of months – probably sooner if you keep up the psycho bitch routine. Furthermore, do you really think nobody can imagine losing someone? People die every day from disease, war and accidents – do you think the families of those people have a hard time imagining what it is like when they have really lost someone. And whatever happened to you going ‘all Cuban’ on anyone who gets in your way? Typical – you talk tough but inside you are a frightened little child who can’t handle it when daddy isn’t around to make things better. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

James tries to help console Ivette while also trying to use the situation to maintain their relationship to help ensure he stays this week.

In the DR, James tells us that having a significant other in the house puts him at a disadvantage. Perhaps having Sarah in the house puts him at a disadvantage but if she were more secure and less needy then it may not be such a problem. Although, if she was more secure, she wouldn’t have ended up with a loser like James.

James tells Kaysar and Janelle that he thinks they will win POV as they are the best twosome competing for it and that Sarah will be put up if one of them takes Kaysar off. The others will vote off James and keep Sarah and make her feel even more responsible for his ouster. The three agree that Sarah is weaker and that it would be best if they could convince the others to jettison Sarah instead. James comments in the DR that he is pretending that Sarah is expendable so the others don’t try and use her against him.

James goes to the HOH room and asks to borrow the bible and Beau won’t give it to him. James leaves and eventually Beau gets guilted into giving it to him. James finds Ivette alone in the exercise room and swears on the Bible that he will put up Howie and Rachel if he gets HOH next week.

Time for the POV competition. Maggie, Kaysar and James choose Beau, Janelle and Sarah, respectively. The competition involves the hamsters sitting on a couch that goes around in circles like a merry-go-round. Each of the six has a TV and the goal is to get the TV to channel five – however they can only turn the TV on and change the channel by hitting the buttons on the TV with tennis balls. Once the TV is turned on it is on channel zero and it must be moved either up or down to get to channel five. The teams of Kaysar/Janelle and James/Sarah both realize that the best strategy is for both partners to aim for the TVs of Janelle and Sarah, respectively, as opposed to each trying to hit their own. Maggie and Beau are just happen to have some rubber balls to fondle.

The competition begins and James quickly gets Sarah's TV on. He then hits the down arrow four times and it looks the competition will be over quickly when Maggie turns Sarah’s TV off. James is not happy about this. Kaysar can’t make a shot. Sarah turns her TV back on but then hits the up arrow so her TV is back to channel seven. James comments that Beau says he played baseball for nine years but by the way he throws he must have been a catcher. You’ll get that one in a minute. Sarah again puts her TV up one channel but then James and Sarah quickly hit the down arrow three times in a row getting the TV channel to five and giving the POV to Sarah. Sarah grabs and hugs James like she has just seen him for the first time since he escaped from a Siberian gulag. Kaysar knows his fate his sealed while the Five Chick Alliance seems indifferent as they were voting for Kaysar to leave anyway.

James gives props to Kaysar in the DR and says he is sad that he is going. The Five Chick Alliance meets and decides to make decisions as a team and have now given themselves the name ‘The Friendship’. I will now refer to them by a more appropriate name – the Friendshits.

Its April’s birthday and she is sad because she is away from her family. BB throws her a party and she gets a bunch of free crap from K-Mart. No, that wasn’t one of my feeble attempts at humour – the presents really were from K-Mart. The notable present was a digital camera and printing station which April obviously has no idea how to use by the way she described them in the DR.

James and Ivette have a second meeting alone in the exercise. Now that James is going to be vetoed, he tells Ivette that he is going after Maggie if he wins HOH and that he will not nominate Howie and Rachel. He feels justified in doing this because Maggie turned off Sarah’s TV in the POV competition. This was a really stupid move by James – why not just lie? Chances are he won’t win HOH anyway and if he does he can cross that bridge when he gets to it. Ivette has another conniption over this – or at least I think she did as I fast-forwarded over her talking as I cannot stand to listen to her anymore. Ivette ran to the Friendshits and told them what James said.

Quarters! There are quarters laying around everywhere! At first the hamsters started giving them to Ivette so that she could call someone who cares but eventually they determined that they were for the gumball machine which now contain those plastic bubbles. Six of those bubbles contained a movie pass and they were won by Ivette, Beau, Maggie, Sarah, Howie and Rachel; but Howie gave his movie pass to Jennifer as he was trying to score (brownie points).

The hamsters were split into two teams for a luxury competition with the luxury being that they get to watch an advanced screening of Without a Paddle 2: Attack of the Seaweed. Actually, the movie is Four Brothers starring Mark ‘Don’t Call me Marky’ Wahlberg and Andre ‘Heeeeeeey Yaaaaaaaaaa’ Benjamin. The two teams are the red team that consists of Maggie, Beau and Ivette, and the blue team of Sarah, Rachel and Jennifer. The hamsters picked their own teams. So Jennifer, do you think maybe the Friendshits are telling you where you are in the pecking order?

The competition involved a big wall of electrical sockets in which light bulbs could be screwed into. Putting the bulbs into the right sockets will turn them on and eventually the lit up light bulbs will reveal a phrase and whichever team completes the phrase first wins. There was little drama to this competition as the blue team of Sarah, Rachel and Jennifer won easily spelling the phrase Sold Out. While the blue team was screwing in light bulbs, Maggie was asking the light bulbs how Eric would screw them in, Beau was telling the light bulbs that their outfits were awful, and Ivette was crying and saying it wasn’t fair that the evil light bulbs were still in the house.

The girls watch the movie and comment that it is more of a guy movie but that they enjoyed watching Marky Mark strut his stuff on screen.

Before the POV meeting, Kaysar tries a last ditch effort to convince Maggie to put up one of her own up. The rationale is that it is more likely that the Friendshits won’t win HOH next week and if they don’t Maggie will be nominated but if she were to nominate one of them instead that Maggie will be guaranteed a week of safety. Maggie listens but gives no response. Kaysar says in the DR that he thinks there is a 50/50 chance Maggie will do it but his body language suggests he knows it is a longshot.

Time for the POV meeting and I will spare you the speeches as the meeting went exactly as expected. Sarah saved James and Maggie put up Janelle in his place.

Next episode: Julie is back, someone (Kaysar) gets evicted, a new twist is revealed and the episode summary will be handed over to the capable hands of LibraRising

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