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Big Brother 6 - Episode 19 Summary

'Jen Takes One For The Team' By volsfan
Original Airdate: August 20, 2005

After the complete meltdown and commode praying by April, I was really hoping for much more out of Saturday’s show. However, with so many challenges and meetings the times to be snarky and funny were very limited in this episode. As a recap let’s just say Kaysar got voted out Thursday and Janelle won HOH and nominated Jen and Maggie. Tonight’s episode should show us a POV challenge, meeting, eviction and a new HOH. Let’s get to it.

Julie (the first lady of SeeBS) appears in front of the BB house dressed all in black. Her hair is a little puffier than Thursday but she just has too much hair for her face. I sit here week after week screaming at the television for her to get her hair thinned! She proceeds to tell us what I basically said in the previous paragraph.

We are morphed back to the moments just after Kaysay’s eviction and the nominations. Jennifer and Maggie are upset because Janelle called them b!tches. We are then shown the little segment where Jenn flings the key across the backyard for Janelle to retrieve. Jenn says in a confessional that she was ready to hand the key over but there is only so much one can take. Yeah right…evidently Jenn can’t take much. I wonder what Jenn would think if she were in April’s shoes and had Howie barking in her face every second about how worthless she is (well, Jenn is worthless but that is beside the point). Just shut up and move on!

April and Jenn are talking about Janelle and Howie being so happy about winning the HOH and nominations. April says she just wants to slap them for being so happy. Yo bimbo bags…Howie has been in your face for three days barking about how useless you are and you just sit there and don’t say a word. Like you are going to grow a set and smack someone for being happy. You might want to pray to the crapper one more time to see if you can find the guts to do it!

Things started to get a little heated with April and Howie again but James moves in and starts acting like he is trying to calm down Howie. James is trying to play both sides here…let’s see how he does. Rachel finally tells Howie to cut it out. She tells him that next week they may not have the power and he won’t be so happy. Howie agrees and does settle down. I know the right thing to do is for Howie to settle down but damn it was funny when he had April not knowing whether to wind her ass or scratch her watch!

BB announces that Janelle’s HOH room is ready and she tells everyone to come up and see what she gets. Rachel, Howie and James are the only ones that go to the room. Maggie and her minions stay in the kitchen and refuse to go up. How mature! I guess they are too good to go see the room. April complains that Howie and Janelle are acting childish yet she stoops to their level to maintain the hypocrisy. Makes all the sense in the world.

The next little segment had me scratching my head but then I guess most discussions with April have that affect on me. Jenn and April are hiding behind the chairs in the sitting room whispering. April is urinated off because she says Ivette is trying to break-up the group because she is plotting on whom to vote off. Jenn says that she doesn’t trust Maggie either because of the way she has been acting. April says that Ivette is more worried about her self than keeping the friendship together. Um, April my little bug eyed wench. WTF DO YOU WANT HER TO DO? She has to vote off someone! This is a game and Ivette is playing for a million dollars at this point. Does April think Ivette should just sit back and let everyone run over her the way they have April? Sometimes April boggles my mind with her stupidity of not understanding they are there to win money not make friends and live happily ever after.

The POV challenge is up next. The challenge is set-up like an ice hockey rink with goals. Each goal has about a seven-foot head in front of it and is a picture of a houseguest. The mouth of the houseguest is the hole that the puck must go through. {Boy BB really has a sense of humor but April’s mouth was life-size.} The timed event will work so that each person gets a hockey stick with a bucket of pucks and must get a puck in each mouth before moving onto the next. The person that gets all pucks through the fastest will win POV. The players:

• Janelle chooses Howie
• Jenn chooses April
• Maggie chooses Ivette

Howie goes first and gets a time of 2:41.

April is next and gets 2:33.

Janelle is next and gets 1:45!

Ivette gets close but no cigar with a 1:46.

Maggie and Jenn are stopped because the 1:45 expired and they were not completed. Janelle wins POV.

James is in the HOH with Howie, Rachel and Janelle. James is telling them that the other side thinks the nominations are personal and not strategic. Janelle shouts, “IT IS PERSONAL!” James goes on to give reasons why he wants to boot Maggie and then get Jenn next. Then James comes up with what I think is a great idea but I wouldn’t have told them about it. He tells them they should use the POV and put-up Ivette that way they (Howie, Rachel and Janelle) know they have James’ vote. Great idea there James but let’s just see if it works. I hadn’t thought of this but it is a great idea to hold Ivette over James’ head because it does seem this is the only person that James trust. The one thing I find dumb in all this is that James was the one that told them. I don’t think it is smart to tell the enemy what your weak point is!

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