The Bachelorette alum Tayshia Adams has seemingly confirmed she's dating someone, but she's still not ready to confirm his identity.

Summer House star and Hubb House PR founder Lindsay Hubbard confirmed last week that Tayshia, 32, and former Summer House star Luke Gulbranson, 39, are dating after the new couple was photographed holding hands on Easter Sunday, April 9.


On Tuesday, April 25, Tayshia appeared to confirm the speculation she's dating someone with a TikTok video of herself smiling in the sunshine outdoors.

"When I catch myself smiling at his texts but hot girl summer is almost here..." Tayshia wrote in text across the video.

Tayshia mouthed, "Ain't no way," in the video, which she captioned, "Stick to the plan #hotgirlsummer #summervibes #hotgirl #summer #summertime."

Many fans assumed Tayshia was referring to Luke's texts, and one woman even wrote that she's "ready for the hard launch." Several people also noted how they'd love to see Tayshia appear on Summer House.

And several days earlier, Tayshia teased her "date night" outfits in another TikTok video.

"Let's get these fit checks goin! #fitcheck #datenightoutfit #outfitoftheday," Tayshia wrote as she showed off different clothing styles and options.

A fan asked in the comments section, "Was the date with Luke?!?!"

Tayshia didn't respond to the question, but she did thank a different follower who told her that she looked beautiful.

Lindsay was the one who posted the Instagram photo of Tayshia and Luke holding hands, but she quickly deleted the group photo of her friends. One day later, the publicist reposted the same picture with Tayshia and Luke cropped out.

Lindsay's quick fix, however, didn't fool people, and so she joked about how it was an "awkward" situation in the picture's comments.

Andy Cohen then grilled Lindsay about her eyebrow-raising post during the April 17 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"Why delete your Easter picture and then repost it with Luke and Tayshia from The Bachelorette cropped out? They were in the first pic and then they were cropped, so now you've caused a lot of suspicions and eyeballs," Andy asked.

Lindsay replied to the host, "I did not know they were holding hands until everyone started commenting and was like, 'Oh, they're holding hands!' And I was like, 'Oh sh-t, they're holding hands!'"


Andy went on to ask Lindsay if her former co-star -- who did not return for Summer House's seventh season, which premiered on Bravo earlier this year -- asked her to delete the photo capturing his intimate moment with Tayshia.

Lindsay said she didn't want to divulge the "details" about her conversation with Luke, explaining, "But I understand what it's like to be in the public and the pressure that you feel from viewers and fans [and] everywhere."

Andy responded, "They're just trying to make it work," to which Lindsay agreed, "Honestly."

In addition to Lindsay's photo evidence of Tayshia and Luke together, the two reality TV stars have also been spotted walking in New York City together in recent months.

Tayshia and Luke, who previously dated former co-star Hannah Berner and The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby, have yet to publicly comment on their relationship status.

Tayshia has apparently moved on from her The Bachelorette 16 winner and ex-fiance Zac Clark. They announced their breakup in November 2021, about one year after their engagement aired on ABC.

For Luke's part, Ashley -- who also starred on Winter House -- announced in January that she and Luke had called it quits.

"Luke and I are not romantically involved anymore," Ashley reportedly said on Watch What Happens Live at the time.

Ashley referred to her "situation," meaning her ongoing divorce from Michael Darby, as the reason why things between Luke and herself didn't work out.

"Really, my life is very complicated. As you guys can imagine, I'm going through a very difficult situation," Ashley continued. "Luke was a trooper, believe me; he went through some things."

Tayshia has apparently been single ever since her split from Zac, and she told Us in December that she was "enjoying" her alone time and focusing on herself, which she dubbed her "biggest priority."

Over the last year or so, Tayshia said she's been working on her "philanthropy efforts," her love of the fashion industry, fitness, and her own mental health.

Back in June 2022, Tayshia admitted she was done appearing on reality dating shows and dating men in Bachelor Nation.

"I think I'm good, respectfully," Tayshia told Entertainment Tonight at the time. "Respectfully, I think I'm good. I think I'm good."

But Tayshia planned to keep an open mind about potentially dating another reality TV star, in general.

"Never say never," Tayshia told Us last year. "We'll see what happens! We'll just leave it there. Never say never."


Tayshia acknowledged it's very difficult to navigate a relationship with someone in the public eye and she'd want "to protect" her next relationship.

"I kind of, maybe, [want to] keep it quiet and under wraps for a minute and then maybe let the people in on the news after a little while," Tayshia shared of how she'd handle having a new man in her life.

"People are private investigators. I don't even know how they figure out half the things they do now."

Tayshia said she understands her love life "is exciting" to fans, who have followed her ever since she appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor in 2019, but she'd like "to have a normal relationship, to some extent" in the future.

After starring on the second half of The Bachelorette 16 in 2020, Tayshia co-hosted The Bachelorette's 17th and 18th seasons alongside Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Although Tayshia has been busy in her professional life, she wrote on Instagram back in May 2022 how she'd still like to get married and start a family "more than anything."

"[I'm] waiting to be in a healthy supportive relationship while simultaneously being a successful woman; a cohesive unit, not one or the other," Tayshia wrote in an Instagram comment, slamming a troll.

"I want to build an empire, I want to go after my dreams and I want my partner to be supportive of that as they follow their own dreams as well. I want a relationship where we cheer each other on. None of that has changed."

In late March 2022, Tayshia informed Us that she had no desire to date and would maybe be interested in trying again a year from that point. She said she didn't like dating apps or men reaching out to her via Instagram DMs.

But Tayshia said she would eventually like to settle down with a man who is "strong, supportive, kind, ambitious, and empathetic."

Tayshia and Zac haven't revealed any details about their split, but Us reported in late 2021 that the former couple "couldn't fully commit to each other" due to their busy schedules and they "eventually realized it wasn't going to work and their relationship ran its course."

When Tayshia brought up her breakup on The Men Tell All for Michelle Young's The Bachelorette season in 2021, she called the time "really tough" and "very heavy" for her. She said she was "heartbroken" and still very much in love with Zac.

Following their televised engagement in late 2020, Tayshia decided to move to New York City to be with her man, but she also kept her own place in California.

In a February 2021 interview with Marie Claire, the previously-divorced The Bachelorette star revealed she had decided to keep her own place "for peace of mind" since this is "not [her] first rodeo."


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