U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin narrowed his field of suitors from 15 to 12 during The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's second episode last night on ABC. 

Alexis, a 26-year-old attorney who currently resides in Southlake, TX; Tiffany W., a 28-year-old medical equipment sales representative who currently resides in Boston, MA; and Susan, a 23-year-old boutique manager who currently resides in The Woodlands, TX failed to receive roses from the 30-year-old undersea medical officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI.

The 12 remaining bachelorettes on The Bachelor's tenth installment are Amanda, a 26-year-old financial analyst who currently resides in Dallas, TX; Amber, a 23-year-old teacher who currently resides in Sugar Land, TX; Bevin Powers, a 28-year-old clinic research coordinator who currently resides in Palo Alto, CA; Danielle Imwalle, a 25-year-old graphic designer who currently resides in Bethel, CT; Erin Parker, a 24-year-old financial analyst who currently resides in Dallas, TX; Kate Brockhouse, a 24-year-old boutique owner who currently resides in Charleston, SC; Nicole Clary, a 26-year-old sales manager who currently resides in Charleston, SC; Peyton, a 24-year-old sorority recruiter who currently resides in Dallas, TX; Stephanie Tipper, a 27-year-old organ donor coordinator who currently resides in Folly Beach, SC; Stephanie W., a 23-year-old project manager who currently resides in Overland Park, KS; Tessa Horst, a 26-year-old social worker who currently resides in San Francisco, CA; and Tina, a 26-year-old medical student who currently resides in Hollywood, CA.

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's second episode began with the 15 remaining women learning they would be split into groups of seven for two dates with Andy, with the rules being no roses would be awarded, each girl would receive some "special quality time," and "one lucky lady" would get to stay for a one-on-one date.  Because she had received the first impression rose given during The Bachelor's premiere, Stephanie T. would be the first bachelorette to go on an individual date with Andy.  However at the end of that individual date, Andy would have to immediately decide if Stephanie T. would be safe or sent packing.

"Operation Soulmate is about to begin," said Andy before the first date.

Alexis, Amanda, Bevin, Nicole, Stephanie W., Tessa and Tiffany were Andy's first date, which took place on Hollywood's Sunset Strip.  The first stop was at a bar where each of the girls rode a mechanical bull because Andy said he likes a woman who's "not afraid to get down and dirty and break a nail."  Six of the girls were bucked from the bull, but not Stephanie W., who Andy recognized as having "lots of talents" as a gymnast.  It was then off to an "elegant dinner" where the girls got to dress-up a bit because Andy likes a "tomboy" but also a girl who can "clean-up and come out looking ravishing."  Andy danced with Nicole, discussed "strong moral values" with Alexis and then toasted to a "very classy evening" with all the women.

Class soon gave way to fun, as the girls and Andy stripped down to their bathing suits and enjoyed some time in the hot tub.  After commenting he was "in heaven," Andy noticed he didn't give Bevin any alone time yet, so he took her to the pool where they did some underwater kissing.  However Andy eventually chose Tiffany as the girl from the first date he wanted to spend some extra time with.  Tiffany was "floored."

"I realized she's one of the shyer women," explained Andy.  "I wanted to give her the opportunity to really shine, show her true emotions, let her guard down and show me who she really is."  While Tiffany was hoping to secure a rose, that wouldn't be the case, as Andy thought he was "driving the conversation," which he described as "awkward."  "I'm unsure if she's uptight or if that's just the way she is," said a befuddled Andy.  "I just don't know if that chemistry's there."

The next day the seven girls going on the second date  -- Amber, Danielle, Erin, Kate, Peyton, Susan and Tina -- learned they'd be showing Andy their athletic side since he's completed the Iron Man triathlon six times and is looking for "someone who is sporty."  Prior to that the group enjoyed some breakfast, when Tina stole Andy away for some quick alone time, which prompted Kate to call her a "hussy."  Because Susan described herself as "shy," she took Erin along with her to meet with Andy.  Andy thought the two looked like "identical twins."

Back at the house, Stephanie T. learned her individual date with Andy would be a sunset cruise on his yacht, which immediately made the other girls jealous.  When they asked her if she'd "make-out under the stars" with him, Stephanie T. replied, "If the opportunity's there, I'm not turning it down."

Meanwhile the second group date was just getting interesting, as the girls found out they'd be swimming two laps, biking two miles and running five laps around a track.  During the swimming portion, Erin and Susan walked around in the pool not wanting to get their hair wet, and Andy was impressed Kate was the first one out of the pool.  However Danielle was the first to complete the biking portion of the mini-triathlon followed closely by Amber.  She overtook Danielle on the track and won the extra time with Andy.

"It felt awesome," said Amber, who described Andy as "a little kid living inside this big, muscular 30-year-old body."  Andy also described Amber as "awesome," and with the other girls getting jealous, the two sat on a pair of swings on the beach and watched the sunset.  "You couldn't take the smile off my face if you wanted to," commented Amber.  Added Andy, "I could see us spending a lot of time together in the future."
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The next day, Stephanie T. prepared for her date with Andy and realized the other girls were getting "intimidated" by her.  "I feel pretty confident I'm not going home," said Stephanie T.  Andy said he was "psyched" for his date, but also recognized the "stakes are high" because Stephanie T.'s fate rested on the time the two would be spending together.  Andy explained he gave Stephanie T. the first impression rose because other than being "gorgeous" she seemed "confident right off the bat." 

When Andy said he hoped his decision wasn't causing Stephanie T. "a lot of animosity" from the other bachelorettes, she assured him it was "nothing I can't handle."  Back at the house, the 14 other girls dissed Stephanie T., badmouthing her for the way she acted upon receiving the first rose as well as for how she apparently "researched" Andy to find-out what he likes and dislikes.  But it only matters what Andy thinks, as he presented Stephanie T. her second rose while the two sat in the hot tub on his yacht following dinner.  The two also kissed.

"I got the first impression rose, the first date and the first kiss," said Stephanie T.  Excited she'd have no concerns during the next night's rose ceremony, Stephanie T. let her true emotions show once she got in the limousine to go back to the house.  "He's awesome," she said.  "I can't wait to see him again.  Oh my God... he's so incredible."  While the rest of the girls didn't believe her, Stephanie T. told them she only got a kiss on the cheek when they asked.

Prior to The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's second rose ceremony, Andy met with the girls for some cocktails to do "lots of observation" and make sure the "women are here for me."  As the girls gushed about Andy, Stephanie T. let viewers know Alexis is a virgin.  Alexis herself told Andy she had been engaged before and added she was "not embarrassed" about being a virgin because it's a "personal decision."  Meanwhile Erin and Susan continued to be joined at the hip, and Erin even referred to the two as "soul sisters."

"Barbie, Ken, Barbie..." commented Nicole as Erin and Susan sandwiched Andy as the three talked.  "Two Barbies and one Ken doesn't work."

Andy revealed "the person I can't wait to see tonight" was Amber, who gave the bachelor a tour of the Hollywood Hills mansion where the girls are staying.  Andy was amazed all the girls were packed prior to the rose ceremony (Andy, it's a competition!) and Amber was glad the tour allowed her some alone time without interruption.  Tessa then got some alone time with Andy and revealed she was also preparing to run in a triathlon.  The two then gave each other foot massages before Stephanie W. and Alexis came in, which Stephanie W. described as "kind of awkward."

As it became more clear which girls Andy had his heart set on and which three would be eliminated, Tessa described Andy as "the kind of guy I'd like to get to know more" before breaking down and crying because she was "sick of talking about him and not hanging out with him."  Adding she was "sick of 15 girls dating the same guy," Tessa started to think it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't get a rose.  Ironically, she received the first rose from Andy at the ceremony.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world.  I can't believe they're all here for me," commented Andy, again seemingly clueless that he's the star of The Bachelor.

After handing out the first 11 roses, it came down to Alexis, Tiffany, Susan and Erin.  Erin turned to Susan and whispered, "I think we're both going home" right before Andy called out her name as the twelfth and final bachelorette who would be staying. 

"When Andy and I had our alone time the other night it was beautiful and we did hold hands and we were flirty," commented Tiffany upon her elimination.  "I don't know why he chose other girls and didn't choose me.  I felt confident that I'd get a rose and I'm sad to be going but I hope that he finds what he's looking for."

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's third episode will air Monday, April 16 at 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

(Photo credit ABC/Adam Larkey)