Andy Baldwin's self-described "blooming romance" with Marla Maples has apparently withered into a friendship.

"We were friends," the former The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star told the Washington Post in a Wednesday report.  "It got romantic for a little while, but we're just friends."

Baldwin and Maples met last September however their relationship didn't become romantic until February when he returned from a military mission in Palau.

Reports subsequently began to surface that he was "quietly dating" Donald Trump's ex-wife before the two were spotted frolicking and canoodling in Laguna Beach and attending a Dancing with the Stars' sixth-season performance episode.

However the 31-year-old U.S. Navy Lieutenant recently relocated from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. to take a job as an advocate for Navy medicine, which he told Us Weekly played a role in his decision to split from Maples.

"The big move coupled with the long distance relationship wasn't working for us so I decided we were better off as friends," Baldwin told Us.

While Baldwin was spotted last week at a fundraiser for the Luke's Wings veterans charity with a woman named Heather, he told the Post they're just friends and not dating.

"I went with a group of friends that night," he told the Post.

Without a woman currently on his arm, Baldwin is instead focusing his attention on advocating the need for more people in his profession.

"We need young men and women who are talented and interested in service," he told the Post.  "That's the way I was raised and one of the reasons I became a doctor. It's important for the future of country that we help out in our communities."

Baldwin presented his final rose and also proposed marriage to Tessa Horst during Officer and a Gentleman's pre-taped finale broadcast last May.  Horst accepted both the rose and the proposal, however the couple announced the end of their engagement last August.  They split for good in September.