Flowers aren't the only things blossoming this spring, as former The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star Andy Baldwin said he has a "blooming romance" with Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples.

"We met [last year] and I found her to be very sweet, positive," Baldwin told People in a Tuesday report.  "She's polite and respectful and has a great heart."

While the two met last September, Baldwin told People their relationship didn't become romantic until February when he returned from a military mission in Palau.  Reports subsequently began to surface that he was "quietly dating" Maples and the two were spotted last week frolicking and canoodling in Laguna Beach.

On Monday night, they attended Dancing with the Stars' live sixth-season performance episode broadcast -- with Baldwin sporting his white Navy duds.  The two arrived at the taping arm-in-arm and were spotted holding hands throughout the evening, according to People.

"It takes someone special for me to spend time away from my daughter [14-year-old Tiffany], because she's my priority," Maples told People.  "There's a lot of sweet, cute people in the world, but it's what's in here [gesturing to Baldwin's heart] that counts."

Age difference also isn't a problem for the 31-year-old Naval doctor and 44-year-old Secret Talents of the Stars participant.

"She has the mind, body and energy of a 25-year-old," Baldwin told People.  "When you have a connection with someone, age goes out the window."

Baldwin presented his final rose and also proposed marriage to Tessa Horst during Officer and a Gentleman's pre-taped finale broadcast last May.  Horst accepted both the rose and the proposal, however the couple announced the end of their engagement last August.  They split for good in September, according to Baldwin.

"I definitely care for her a great deal," Baldwin told People about Horst, adding they have kept in contact.  "I have no regrets about that experience or the relationship that we had."

While he's currently on vacation in Los Angeles, Baldwin is in the process of relocating from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. (Horst's hometown, ironically) for a new job assignment, People reported.