Bravo has announced Flipping Out's second season, which will continue to follow obsessive-compulsive house-flipper Jeff Lewis and his staff as they purchase homes and quickly renovate them before flipping them for a profit, will premiere Tuesday, June 17 at 10PM ET/PT.

Flipping Out's first season saw Lewis visiting spiritual healers and psychics; fretting about his beloved cat; and dealing with his obsessive-compulsive tendencies while having to work alongside his ex-boyfriend and current business partner Ryan. However he's apprently trying to turn over a new leaf.

"Watching Season 1 really opened my eyes and forced me to do a lot of self-reflection," said Lewis.  "I'm seeing a therapist now, every Wednesday at 10AM and not by court order. It's helping. My goal is to cut down my 'flip outs' from 15 a day to a maximum of five."

In addition to Ryan, most of the other members of Lewis' Los Angeles real-estate firm who appeared during the first season still remain with demanding Lewis and will be featured in the show's new season, including his housekeeper Zoila; his executive assistant Jenni; and her husband and Lewis' house manager Chris.

Replacing Lewis' second assistant Brandt -- who was either fired or quit during the first season depending on whose side of the story you believe -- is another Chris, who hopes to become a real estate speculator himself and views his new job as a chance to learn the ropes.

If dealing with employees he also considers friends weren't tough enough, Lewis also must contend with fluctuations in the housing market since three of his projects have yet to flip -- forcing him to expand his business and pick up property renovations instead.

Flipping Out is produced by Authentic Entertainment, with Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan serving as executive producers.