Paradise Hotel crowned Bobby Ray and Tatum Smith the winners, but then Bobby Ray shockingly pulled a fast one on Tatum and stole the prize money away from her during Thursday night's finale broadcast of the Fox revival.

Bobby Ray, an entrepreneur from St. Louis, MO, and Tatum, a bottle service girl from Phoenix, AZ, won Paradise Hotel in an 8-4 jury vote of previously-eliminated hotel guests on "Judgement Day" instead of Carlos Garcia, a trainer from Havana, Cuba, and his roommate Kaitlin.

However, during the final "Loyalty Test," Bobby chose to proactively take home $200,000 instead of splitting the $250,000 grand prize with Tatum or risk losing it entirely to his partner, who had already betrayed his trust before.

"I'm not going to walk out of here with nothing just because Tatum got one more over on me. I couldn't take that risk," Bobby told the cameras after winning most of the prize money.

"I've been through a lot, and all of the friendships I've made and times I've been crossed, all of that has led me to this moment, and this has been the greatest experience of my life."

The Paradise Hotel finale began where last week's episode had left off, with Jared determining the couple he'd like to eliminate from the show right along with him at the final Check-Out Ceremony of the season.

Jared decided to oust Tyler Berta and Brittany Campbell because Tyler's girlfriend, Shailee, was already forced to leave the hotel and Brittany had many chances to make a love connection but was still not coupled up with anyone romantically.

"I'm leaving Paradise knowing that I did make a connection; I made a connection with so many different people in Paradise, and I'm happy at the end of the day," Brittany said.

"I think my time here in Paradise was incredible. Having Shailee, the girl that I love, check in to Paradise hotel and rekindle that flame was amazing. I'm so excited to get back home and see her," Tyler explained.

Following the final Check-Out Ceremony of the season, Tatum confronted Carlos about his choice to remain roommates with Kaitlin.

Tatum was disappointed because she had feelings for Carlos and thought he was going to choose her, but Carlos felt a loyalty to Kaitlin and genuinely liked the girl.

Kaitlin was about to call Tatum out in front of the whole group, but then Tatum asked to speak to Bobby Ray in private. Tatum didn't want to sneak around anymore and decided to be completely honest with her roommate from Day 1.

Tatum revealed to Bobby she had kissed Carlos, and Bobby was absolutely shocked and furious. Tatum insisted she regretted the kiss and was shaking during the conversation.
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"I feel like I'm not getting 100 percent from you," Tatum told Bobby, before he acknowledged her actions were just going to make that worse. "I don't feel very confident about us."

"Well, then you might as well just go home," Bobby said.

Bobby had a tough time recovering from Tatum's indiscretion, but he intended to move forward with her and attempt to shake the news off since it was in both of their best interests to do so.

Kaitlin tried to talk herself out of the bad situation, but the girls at the hotel apparently lost trust in her and accused her for stirring up all the drama amongst the cast.

During a subsequent game of "Never Have I Ever," David Barta and Kendall Galan disclosed they had sex, and their fellow hotel guests cheered them on.

Paradise Hotel host Kristin Cavallari then invited all of the remaining couples to enjoy a group dinner on the beach under the moonlight.

Before the dinner, Tatum admitted to Bobby she had actually kissed Carlos twice, and he called her "out of control." He didn't know if he could trust her, and Tatum felt guilty and remorse for putting Bobby in this position.

Tatum still had hope, however, she could leave Paradise Hotel in love. She told Bobby that it freaked her out how much she liked him and wanted to be around him.

Tatum insisted she was "scared" because Bobby didn't show her much affection or seem to reciprocate her strong feelings. Bobby listened to Tatum's explanation but didn't seem to buy it.

"I would love to have a relationship where things come naturally. Tatum and I have to work at it, but that doesn't mean we're done for," Bobby told the cameras, before jokingly calling Tatum "a horndog."

During the cast's dinner on the beach, Kristin suddenly arrived and crashed the party.

Kristin revealed the group would be voting for one couple to leave Paradise that very night. One by one, the hotel guests cast their votes anonymously in a ballot box.

Carlos voted for David and Kendall because the couple never had to go through any trials and tribulations together on the show, and it seemed like everyone viewed the strongest couple in the hotel as their "biggest competition."

David and Kendall received the most votes and were therefore forced to leave Paradise.

"It's alright. I've been looking for Kendall for a really long time, and I've finally found her here," David said.

"I think we've found the most genuine connection here out of everybody, and this just sucks," Kendall added.

David and Kendall's departure caused complete and utter chaos, as Tatum and Jamie broke down crying and everyone was made at Jair for ruining the couple's moment by talking about how he had to pee very badly.

David told Kendall he wanted to take their relationship home and stay together. They hugged and kissed, and David felt like a rich man even though he didn't win the money -- and Kendall apparently felt the same way.

"I've learned so much about different people, and meeting David was truly a blessing. This is why this night is even harder, because I really wanted to make it [to the end with him]," Kendall said in a confessional.

After Kendall and David left, Carlos told Kaitlin in front of Tatum that he didn't trust Tatum and was convinced she had been plotting against him during their stay at the hotel.

With that being said, Tatum wanted nothing to do with Carlos and complained about how he had thrown her under the bus "many, many times." Carlos knew he'd have to "pull a real maneuver" to keep his romance with Kaitlin intact.

The final three couples -- Tatum and Bobby, Jair and Jamie, and Carlos and Kaitlin -- then enjoyed a romantic date. Each couple believed they had the strongest connection left in the hotel, and Bobby even promised Tatum he'd leave the past in the past.

On "Judgement Day," the previously-eliminated hotel guests returned to Paradise Hotel and formed a jury to vote for the winner of the show.

Hans Wiener, Rosanna Cecconi, Mariaelena Perez, Nicole, Brittany, Jared, Tyler, Shailee, David and Kendall all returned.

The jury was able to watch the show, so they were ready to call out some people in the cast for being sneaky snakes and liars.

The final three couples then faced the jury of their peers, and the jury was immediately able to send one couple packing.

Bobby argued Jair came on the show with immunity and never had to fight for his spot or go through any issues with Jamie. Bobby and Tatum also called Carlos and Kaitlin the strongest competitors at the hotel.

Bobby claimed he and Tatum had the strongest connection, but then Carlos announced to the jury he had made out with Tatum and Bobby didn't even seem to care -- which Bobby denied.

Jair called Carlos "super selfish" and "manipulative" and said that's how he played the entire game. Kaitlin also argued Tatum was less deserving to win because she didn't treat any of the hotel guests right.

"Tatum, sure Carlos started it, but you continued it. So, really, how strong is your connection with Bobby for you to continue that little kiss?! I don't think Tatum is loyal at all," Kaitlin claimed.

Carlos added that he did not force his connection with Kaitlin and they took their time.

One by one, the jury members walked up to a sealed and locked ballot box, where they wrote down which couple they'd like to remove from the competition.

And everyone seemed to have a different perspective on whom should go, with Mariaelena admitting she wanted Carlos gone for the way he had treated her.

The couple that was eliminated and subsequently joined the jury was Jair and Jamie.

The jury then got to ask the final two couples some questions that they had.

Mariaelena accused Carlos of being a "narcissist" and Brittany suggested he was a player who didn't respect the women at the hotel. Carlos, however, insisted he really cared about Kaitlin and she was making him a better man every day.

Tatum confessed she had played Jair to get ahead and definitely played the game.

It quickly became apparent Tatum and Carlos were the villains and the jury was rooting for either Kaitlin or Bobby to take the money.

The following night, the jury members had to stand behind the couple whom they wanted to see win $250,000.

Rosanna stood behind Bobby and Tatum because she admired how Tatum was "a boss," and David stood behind Bobby and Tatum and said it was "a no brainer" and Tatum had been a great friend to him.

Kendall also selected Bobby and Tatum because they were "the lesser of two evils" and Bobby had been "a genuine guy since the beginning."

Nicole voted for Carlos and Kaitlin due to the fact Kaitlin had been a loyal friend to her, Jamie voted for Carlos and Kaitlin because she didn't want Kaitlin to suffer for what Carlos had done behind her back.

Tyler stood behind Bobby and Tatum although he had respect for both couples, Shailee voted for Carlos and Kaitlin because she respected Kaitlin the most as her girl, and Jair stood behind Carlos and Kaitlin as well.

It was going to take seven votes to win, and then Mariaelena chose to stand behind Tatum and Bobby because she pretty much hated Carlos and cringed at the idea of him winning the money.

Mariaelena also respected Bobby for being straightforward with her from the start.

Brittany opted to reward Bobby and Tatum with her vote since Bobby had her back from Day 1. Brittany acknowledged had she never broken her pact with Bobby, she might be the girl sitting next to him.

And finally, Hans voted for "the most loyal" person, although his partner had been disloyal -- and that couple was Bobby and Tatum.

Bobby knew Hans would come through for him, but Tatum was shocked to win because she had made many mistakes and done people wrong.

Although his vote didn't make a difference, Jared also voted for Bobby and Tatum to win.

Bobby and Tatum then had to decide how to split the money between them. Their loyalty and connection was put to the test, and Bobby hoped Tatum was not going to take advantage of him once again at the hotel.

"Will both of you walk out with love and money, or will one of you ditch the love and take the money and run?" Kristin asked.

The Loyalty Test required Bobby and Tatum to walk up squares in increments of $25,000 or $50,000. If one person decided to drop his or her golden ball on a square within one minute of stepping on it, he or she would take all of that money and leave his or her partner with nothing.

If both people made it to the $250,000 square and did not smash their golden balls, Tatum and Bobby would split the money and each walk away with $125,000.

Reputation, trust, and redemption was all on the line for the two individuals.

Bobby was hoping Tatum wasn't going to screw him over -- again -- but Tatum didn't know where Bobby's head was at since she had wronged him before.

Suddenly, when Tatum and Bobby stepped on the $200,000 block, Bobby smashed his golden ball and said she didn't want to risk making it to $250,000 and then potentially losing it all to Tatum, whom he couldn't 100 percent trust.

Tatum walked away and cried after losing love and the money.

"It sucks knowing I made mistakes, and I have regrets," she said. "But there's nothing I can do besides move on and learn."

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