Paradise Hotel eliminated Deiondra Sanders on "Check-Out Day" when she was left alone after the show's 11 initial singles paired up at the conclusion of the new Fox revival's Thursday night premiere.

Deiondra, a hairline company owner from Dallas, TX, was ousted from the reality competition series to find love -- and also win $250,000 -- after her roommate, Carlos Garcia, a trainer from Havana, Cuba, decided to pursue a romance with Mariaelena Perez, a bartender from Yonkers, NY, instead.

"It feels horrible to have to send one of these beautiful girls home tonight, especially since I have an honest and sincere connection with both of them," Carlos said on Check-Out Day.

"I would like to follow my heart and continue to build chemistry with Mariaelena."

Deiondra admitted following her ouster she was "very shocked" Carlos had lied to her face and it "hurt."

The Paradise Hotel premiere kicked off with the 11 initial cast members checking in to the hotel to hopefully find love. They'd be cut off from the outside world during their entire stay at the hotel.

Paradise Hotel host Kristin Cavallari announced to the group the closer they'd get to falling in love, the closer they'd get to winning $250,000.

There were six women and five guys at the hotel, so after pairing up, one lady would be left single. And the single woman on Check-Out Day would be forced to leave the hotel.

Kristin then asked the individuals to pair up and find a roommate, which means the single woman would be determined immediately.

However, this woman would be allowed to go on dates and attempt to make a connection over the next few days with the ultimate goal of stealing someone else's man.

Kristin then selected a set of keys from inside a bowl at random, and each set had a woman's face depicted on it. The woman chosen would be allowed to select her roommate for the start of Paradise Hotel.

Rosanna Cecconi, a student from Chicago, IL, selected Tyler Berta, a stock broker from Streator, IL.

Kendall Galan, a yoga instructor from Redondo Beach, CA, chose David Barta, a medical student from Burbank, CA.
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Deiondra chose to pair up with Carlos.

Tatum Smith, a bottle service girl from Phoenix, AZ, chose Hans Wiener, a model from Salt Lake City, UT.

And finally Brittany Campbell, a hairstylist from Thousand Oaks, CA, selected Bobby Ray, an entrepreneur from St. Louis, MO.

That left Mariaelena as the single girl -- at least for a few days.

The new couples then got settled in their hotel rooms and got to know each other better.

Deiondra and Carlos made a pact to have each other's back and keep each other safe, as did Brittany and Bobby.

However, Brittany slowly developed a connection with Hans, who was the guy she had her eye on to begin with. Brittany found herself torn between staying loyal to her friend or pursuing a romance with someone, which is the reason why she joined the show to begin with.

Meanwhile, Mariaelena was attracted to both Bobby and Carlos. After a failed date with Bobby in which he basically shut her down and revealed his interest in Brittany, Mariaelena hit it off with Carlos on a date and the pair made out.

Carlos told both Deiondra and Mariaelena they were his No. 1 girl, but he was back and forth and torn between them. He bonded with Deiondra immediately but loved Mariaelena's energy and vibe.

Later in the episode, David and Kendall were shown kissing in bed, and things also got pretty steamy for Tyler and Rosanna in the bedroom one night.

On Check-Out Day, each woman was asked to stand behind the guy she wanted to continue dating. If a man had more than one woman behind him at the end of the ceremony, he would have a tough decision to make.

Mariaelena and Deiondra both stood behind Carlos, Brittany stood behind Hans, Rosanna chose Tyler, Kendall selected David, and Tatum went with Bobby since neither of them had developed a strong connection in the hotel.

Carlos then announced he wanted to keep Mariaelena on the show, eliminating Deiondra.

One person will check in and one person will check out of the hotel every week this season.

In a new twist similar to Big Brother's format, Fox's new Paradise Hotel revival will allow viewers to play along at home and use social media to try and influence what happens on screen as well as who stays and who goes.

The next hotel guest to check in will either be Luis, Kyle, or Jair. The ladies made "an executive decision" and decided they'd like Jair to join the cast since he likes blondes and Tatum is technically single, but the decision was actually up to the men.

The guys therefore decided to have Kyle, nicknamed "Big Red," check in to the hotel.

However, America was able to vote for either Luis or Jair to enter the hotel as well.

Paradise Hotel will air one-hour episodes on Mondays beginning on May 13 at 9PM ET/PT and Wednesdays starting on May 15 at 9PM ET/PT.

Each Thursday night broadcast will be two hours long from 8-10PM ET/PT.

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