Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins were eliminated from The Amazing Race during Wednesday night's Season 31 broadcast on CBS.

Corinne, 39, and Eliza, 35 -- who raced as friends and former Survivor castaways from Denver, CO, and New York, NY, respectively -- arrived at the fourth Pit Stop of Season 31 at Tam Vu Park in Vietnam in last place and were therefore ousted from the running to win $1 million.

"[Losing] was definitely worse because it was to [Rachel Reilly] and [Elissa Slater]," Eliza vented following her team's ouster, adding that the sisters were "fake" and she and Corinne never wanted to talk to them again.

Prior to their stint on The Amazing Race, Eliza previously competed on Survivor: Vanuatu -- Islands of Fire and Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites.

And Corinne previously competed on Survivor: Gabon as well as Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Corinne and Eliza talked about their time on The Amazing Race and their heartbreaking elimination. Below is a portion of what they had to say.


Reality TV World: You arrived at the Pit Stop only seconds after Rachel and Elissa. Did you see the girls running to the mat ahead of you, and therefore is that when you learned you were in last place?

Corinne Kaplan: No, we knew we were in last place for quite a while. We weren't quite as close as you see it on TV. But it was very clear to us -- many, many yards before -- that we were not going to make it.

So when we arrived at the mat, it wasn't a shocking thing. We knew exactly what was going on.

Reality TV World: Is it safe to say the motorbike task did you girls in? How long do you think you were there? The show said it took Eliza 10 attempts to complete the task.

Eliza Orlins: God, it's hard to pinpoint time. It felt like an eternity, so how long do I actually estimate it was? I don't know. A couple of hours. Corinne, would you agree?

Corinne Kaplan: Yeah, she was really trying deliberately to be like, "Let me get this right. Let me not race through this. Let me figure this out."
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So she was really taking her time with each of the runs that she did, which is why she didn't do that many runs but she was asking for counsel and talking to the teacher. She was just trying to get it.

Eliza Orlins: And I had to wait for each person! Remember? There was only one person allowed on the course at a time, and so while teams showed up, if I failed, I had to get to the back of the line -- which they didn't show, although it was pretty clear there was only one person on the course at a time.


Reality TV World: When you finished the leg in last place, you were so frustrated with Rachel and Elissa that Eliza, you vented about how much you disliked them and never wanted to see or talk to them again. Were you just airing out your anger and frustration over the loss or did you really feel that way about them?

Eliza Orlins: I mean, I guess in the moment, that was really what I was feeling, but I think I probably would've felt that way no matter who had been standing on the mat next to us, just resentment that they got to continue in the Race and we didn't.

And so, it's really nothing personal to the Reilly sisters. Certainly, I have not abided by [what I said]. I speak to them all the time!

I was just texting with them a few minutes ago, saying that they're coming up in all of our exit press basically. We were all cracking up about it because we're all friends in real life, and I adore them.

Corinne Kaplan: What I always think is a very helpful analogy for understanding, like, where our heads were at is that I watch a lot of boxing and UFC. And when you're in the ring and you're fighting an opponent and you punch them really hard in the face, you don't think to yourself, "Oh, I hope that they're okay!"

You hate the opponent! You have to hate the opponent. If you're a true competitor, all of your energy is spent trying to beat your opponent.

And in that last part of the Race, the Reilly sisters represented the only difference between us making it one more leg or not. And all of the anger and all of the frustration comes out in the things we were saying.

But, you know, I'm sorry, there's only one kind of loser that I am, and it's a sore one. I don't want to lose! I put all of my work into this competition, so yeah, in that moment, I hated them! They took away from me what I really wanted!

So, I think it's very easy to be, you know, the person on your couch watching and being like, "Oh my God, how can those girls say those things?!" But then, you know what? You don't belong on a reality TV show.


Reality TV World: So do you girls regret anything that you said? It sounds like you don't feel the same way about Rachel and Elissa now as you did at the end of your Race.

Corinne Kaplan: I don't regret anything that we said.

Eliza Orlins: I do agree with that. I don't think I regret anything we said because we were just saying it in the heat of the moment. You're emotional in that time. We were true to ourselves and that's how we were feeling in that moment.

And the girls understand and they're not mad at us. It's just the reality we were living in at that time, so I don't think I regret anything.

Corinne Kaplan: And I don't understand the concept of wanting to watch, like, how could you ever want to watch somebody go on a reality TV show and then censor everything they are saying and feeling?!

Then you're not really getting what was happening in that moment. How wonderful it is to have two people who are actually expressing their true emotions on TV and not filter any of it!

Reality TV World: Rachel and Elissa did seem to rub you the wrong way during the Race though, like when they took ownership of a taxi after the Snow Town task when you girls were trying to hop in it. Did they do anything else that played a role in your frustrations with them at the end of the leg?

Corinne Kaplan: Well, the story with that cab is that we knew they had paid the cab to wait. We knew it was their cab, but we were like, "I don't know. They would do it to us!"

So we tried to get in thinking, "The driver is not going to know the difference between those two girls and us two girls," but he did.

So had the driver said "yes," oh, we would've taken that cab! It was not a matter of us trying not to offend them; the cab driver would not take us, which is what happened.

Eliza Orlins: We were affirmatively trying to steal their cab and would have stolen their cab. It wasn't because they said, "No, don't steal our cab." It was because the driver said, "No, no. I'm waiting for those people who paid me." So, we couldn't have gotten it. It wasn't exactly how it was portrayed.


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