Paradise Hotel welcomed Nicole, Kaitlin and Tyler Berta's ex-girlfriend Shailee into the hotel to shake things up, and while Nicole stirred the pot and Shailee succeeded in turning Rosanna Cecconi's world upside down, Nicole was eliminated during the Fox revival's Thursday night episode.

Nicole, a 29-year-old from Dallas, TX, had been voted into the hotel by America, but the guys voted 4-1 to oust her from the reality competition series to find love -- and also win $250,000 -- after she failed to find a romantic match and started heated arguments with "OG" girls Rosanna and Brittany Campbell.


Meanwhile, Tyler found himself in a love triangle with Kaitlin, his girlfriend of about one year prior to joining the cast of Paradise Hotel and Rosanna, whom he's been paired up with since the start of the season.

At the Check-Out Ceremony, which ended in a cliffhanger, Rosanna chose to stand behind Carlos Garcia after much drama ensued and she figured out Tyler still had feelings for his ex and might choose her.

The Paradise Hotel broadcast began with Nicole entering the hotel after receiving more home viewer votes than Jamie, a 23-year-old from Louisville, KY.

Kaitlin also entered the hotel because the guys in the cast had voted for her to join the show.

Tatum Smith admitted she wanted Bobby Ray to be her boyfriend but he needed to show her more attention and affection. She wanted Bobby to step up and start reciprocating her feelings.

When the new girls arrived, Rosanna was particularly protective of Tyler and accused of being jealous. She worried Kaitlin was going to go after her man.

Tyler ignored Nicole and Kaitlin for a large portion of the day, but Rosanna argued with Tyler his apparent hard-to-get behavior would only make the girls want him more.

Tyler insisted he just wanted to hang out with the guys and play pool that day, but after their conversation, he accepted Kaitlin's invitation to talk in private -- which didn't go well.

Rosanna started screaming multiple times that Tyler had "made a big ass mistake!" She then went off and cried.

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Tyler told Kaitlin he was into Rosanna and tried to eventually calm his love interest down, but she flipped out on him again and said she wanted nothing to do with him.

Bobby told the cameras Rosanna was a "9 on the crazy scale." However, she and Tyler ended up making up, and Rosanna also apologized to the new single girls for her embarrassing outburst.

Afterward, Carlos made a move on Kaitlin and told her "the skinny" girl, meaning Mariaelena Perez, was more into him than he was into her. Carlos said he wasn't compatible with any women at the hotel and wanted Kaitlin to be his roommate.

"Kaitlin is ambitious, driven and into fitness... [could be] love at first sight," Carlos said in a confessional.

That night, Mariaelena left her room with Carlos because she said he made her feel insecure and basically worthless. Carlos didn't even seem phased by Mariaelena's feelings.

Paradise Hotel host Kristin Cavallari then arrived at the hotel and sent all of the girls except Kaitlin and Nicole to the spa so the new singles could mingle and get to know the men better.

During her spa day, Rosanna alleged Tyler wanted to date her after the show once they leave the hotel, so she was in a good place.

As for David Barta, he had been paired up with Kendall Galan the whole time and told the single girls she was taking him for granted and he was pulling "100 percent of the weight" in their relationship.

David also realized he had some chemistry with Nicole.


Carlos was then shown popping a bottle of champagne for Kaitlin on the beach.

While Carlos and Kaitlin made out on their own little date, Mariaelena vented to her girl pals at the spa about how she and Carlos had bonded over family and their backgrounds and he only seemed to be attracted to Kaitlin for her fit gym body.

When the group reunited, Carlos told Mariaelena he'd still have her back but he wasn't in love with her and had made a connection with Kaitlin.

Mariaelena said it only took seven days for Carlos to break her "heart and soul" when it took years for her ex-boyfriend to do that.

Mariaelena cried about how Carlos had made her feel special but their romance was completely "fake."

Nicole then tried to dethrone Rosanna and shut her down in a conversation, and Rosanna felt disrespected. Brittany stood up for her friend but the situation escalated and Nicole made fun of Brittany for being the "old" and "washed up girl" at the hotel.

Tempers flared and Rosanna lost her cool again, and during the fight, she revealed she had "f-cked" Tyler and they had "a great night" together.

Tyler started to worry Rosanna might be too crazy for him, and Bobby figured she'd push him away eventually without a doubt.

Kristin later arrived and warned the ladies one girl would be checking out immediately and the guys would have to decide who goes. Kristin explained majority would rule and the decision didn't have to be unanimous.


Carlos wanted Mariaelena gone because she was making his life a "nightmare," but Bobby suggested Nicole because she had disrespected a lot of the girls.

But David thought about targeting Rosanna so that he and Kendall had a better shot of taking their romance all the way and actually winning the competition.

The guys ultimately chose to send Nicole home through a 4-1 vote.

"I told America I was going to come here and spice it up, and I spiced it up! I did what I came here to do," Nicole told the cameras.

Suddenly, Tyler's ex-girlfriend Shailee entered the hotel. Tyler had been with her for a little over a year prior to going on the show.

Rosanna said if he treated her like an option, it would break her heart. Tyler assured Rosanna that Shailee's presence wasn't going to change anything between them.

Shailee told the cameras she was surprised by Tyler's choice because he allegedly always said he wasn't into "the fake look" when it comes to women. Shailee was clearly referring to Rosanna's breasts.

Shailee apparently stayed at Tyler's house the night before he left for the show and accused him of telling her that he was going to return home to her when it was all over.

Tyler also told Shailee that he loved her before he left, although Shailee believed he was going to do anything possible to win the $250,000.

David was glad to see the love triangle because he wanted Rosanna out.


Shailee then received a message from Kristin, that she could enjoy a picnic on the beach with Tyler under the moonlight.

Shailee couldn't believe it only took two weeks for him to move on, but he claimed they were over when the show began filming because Shailee didn't want to commit to him.

Tyler then downplayed his feelings a bit for Rosanna on the date, but Shailee wasn't having it and called him "a joke."

Shailee claimed that she told Tyler before he left that if he made out with a girl they'd be done, and she cried and said she was ashamed to have both of their families watching the show.

Tyler insisted things probably wouldn't work out with Rosanna down the road, but things only worsened once Shailee discovered he had sex with Rosanna already.

"How could you do that to me?!" Shailee said before storming off.

"Who tells someone they love them and then does something like that? That makes me disgusted he could have a connection so fast with someone after the way he left things off with me."

Shailee packed up her belongings and yelled she was done with Tyler "forever."

Shailee she eventually cooled down and had a talk with Tyler and admitted she wished she had committed to him prior to the show so things would be different.

Tyler told her that he cared more about her than Rosanna but he couldn't just drop Rosanna because they had been together from the beginning of Paradise Hotel.

Shailee said if he picked Rosanna, she'd never talk to him again.

On the off-chance Tyler did pick Shailee at the Check-Out Ceremony, Rosanna attempted to establish a quick connection with Carlos, and he felt like they connected as well.

Tyler therefore asked Carlos if Rosanna and Kaitlin both stood behind him at the Check-Out Ceremony, whom he would pick. Carlos told his buddy he would "100 percent" choose Rosanna to stay and would like to room with her.

Tyler admitted to Carlos he still loved his ex.

Before the Check-Out Ceremony commenced, Tyler tried to tell Rosanna his feelings for her were "real," but then she slammed the door in his face, assuming she was about to get dumped.

Once the Check-Out Ceremony began, Kaitlin stood behind Carlos, Shailee selected Tyler, Kendall picked David, Brittany picked Jair, Tatum stood behind Bobby Ray, and Mariaelena also chose Jair just to make a statement.

Rosanna then made the shocking move to stand behind Carlos. Rosanna said she and Carlos always had each other's back at the hotel and there was potential for a connection. She also believed in being loyal to the original hotel guests.

The episode then ended on a cliffhanger, with the men about to reveal their decisions.

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