The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and Luke Parker appeared to be magnets for each other towards the beginning of Season 15, and now Hannah is explaining why she was so drawn to the controversial bachelor.

Hannah opened up to former The Bachelor star Nick Viall about her connection with Luke P., a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, who currently resides in Gainesville, GA, during a Wednesday appearance on "The Viall Files" podcast.

"Okay, I'll say my relationship with Luke P., especially at the beginning, the instant connection reminded me a lot of my really long-term relationship. And so it was this initial attraction, like, goo-goo, ga-ga eyes," explained Hannah, who once referred to the handsome suitor as "dessert."

"I know that through what we've seen, I really held onto that. I hadn't had a connection like that in a really long time, and when it happened for me, it was..."

"Palpable," Nick interjected.

"Yeah, and it was huge," Hannah added.

Hannah and Luke P.'s relationship started out hot and heavy, and he seemed to be light-years ahead of his competition early on.

Hannah couldn't help but ask Luke P. to take his shirt off so she could massage him during a cocktail party, and Luke P. once interrupted Hannah's confessional post-Rose Ceremony to pick her up and make out with her.

Luke P. also received Hannah's First Impression Rose and won the "Mr. Right" pageant during a group date.

"He is something, like, he is a spark of something I can see. He's like the brightest light out there, and I don't know if the light is a 'do not come here, caution' light or, like, the beacon! You know?" Hannah told Nick on his podcast.

"He's just the brightest thing that is attracting me right now, if that makes sense."

Hannah, however, didn't want Luke P. to think he had the competition in the bag, so she asked him to pump the brakes a bit and respect her relationships with other men.

Luke P. just thought he was a passionate guy who was going after what he wanted, so he threatened to quit the show and had a serious ego check.

But Luke P. ultimately chose to listen to Hannah and fight fair, which didn't last long considering he chose to body slam Luke Stone during a subsequent rugby-game group date.

The guys did not respect or appreciate Luke P.'s aggressive tactics on and off the field, and drama came to a head when the muscular suitor told Hannah that Luke S. was trying to advance his career on the show.

Luke S. called Luke P. "a liar" and "a lunatic" and claimed it was "terrifying" that Hannah was continuing to date him. And Mike Johnson also dubbed Luke P. "a psychopath."

After hearing concerns from multiple guys, Hannah found herself questioning whether she had misjudged Luke P. and could trust him going forward.

"I fall hard. I do... but I'm not unaware when I fall," Hannah insisted to Nick. "I will do whatever to make it work but not disregard things that happen."

Monday night's The Bachelorette episode ended with a cliffhanger in which Hannah asked to speak with both Lukes in order to determine whether one, both or neither of them should stay in the running for her heart.

But it doesn't seem like Luke P. will be going home any time soon, especially since teaser trailers for the rest of the season have shown the bachelor screaming in Garrett Powell's face.

"Luke P. is a lying, manipulative piece of [expletive], and every bone in my body is praying that Hannah sees it, and sees him for the piece of crap his is," Luke S. told the cameras during the latest broadcast.

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