Joe Millionaire will return to Fox after an eighteen-year absence when a new revival, Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer, premieres on the network tonight.

Joe Millionaire's first season debuted on Fox in January 2003 and was one of the modern reality genre's biggest early hits, with its two-hour finale averaging over 33 million viewers still ranking as the highest-rated and most-watched unscripted entertainment series telecast of the past two decades (excluding post-NFL broadcasts). 

Inspired by The Bachelor -- which had just premiered on ABC the prior year -- the reality dating show featured a group of American women competing for the heart of Evan Marriott, a broke construction worker the women were falsely told had inherited 50 million dollars and was looking for someone to share his newfound wealth with.

After Joe Millionaire's first season delivered monstrous ratings for the network, Fox then attempted to revisit the show's premise with The Next Joe Millionaire, a second season which kept the same fake inheritance premise with a new bachelor, David Smith, and a new group of international women who, because they were from overseas, were unaware of the first season of the American reality show.

However The Next Joe Millionaire bombed in the ratings when it aired in Fall 2003 -- resulting in Fox not ordering additional seasons of the series.

Now, eighteen years later Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer will return with a less deceptive premise in which a group of women will be competing for the affections of two different men -- one of whom is actually worth $10 million and the other is an "average Joe" with little to his name.

But while the women will know one of the two men -- Kurt, a 32-year-old construction CEO from Charlotte, NC, and Steven, a 27-year-old farming CEO from Gallatin, MO -- is rich, they will not know which man is the multi-millionaire and which man is not.

So who are the women that will be competing for Kurt and Steven's hearts on Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer?

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About The Author: Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers is a senior entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and been covering the reality TV genre for two decades.