Well, it took them a couple of days, but FOX has confirmed that as we reported earlier this week, David Smith, 24, a rodeo cowboy from Texas who currently "earns only $11,000 a year," is the network's next Joe Millionaire.

With seemingly every woman in America already in on their faux-millionaire secret, FOX says that it "had no choice" but to search the globe to find the most beautiful, albeit clueless, women on the lookout for "Mr. Price-is-Right."

The sequel to last season's television phenomenon, officially titled The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair, features fourteen European beauties, unaware of the first installment's twists, who travel to Italy for a whirlwind romance with "American millionaire" David Smith.

The women, who have been whisked off to a beautiful villa in the Italian countryside, believe that "Joe" has recently inherited 80 million dollars and is looking for a special someone to share his newfound wealth.

Little do they know the rodeo cowboy barely has two Euros to rub together.

What will happen when the truth is finally revealed that he is a just a regular "Joe" and his wealth is a facade?

As this handsome, young, eligible man begins his search for "The One," he discovers which of these women are out for true love and which are just interested in his bank account.

And what are the other twists and turns the series will take as David narrows his choice down to one lady?

We'll begin to find out when The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair premieres on Monday, October 20 (8-9 PM ET/PT) on FOX.