The Associated Press reports that the made-for-television fairy tale has ended for "Joe Millionaire" winner Zora Andrich. The 30-year-old former substitute teacher said it's over between her and Evan Marriott, star of the Fox reality-romance series. Marriott chose Andrich from 20 women competing for his affection who believed he was worth $50 million, when he was really a construction worker who earned $19,000 a year.

"I really liked him, but we haven't talked since the `Joe' reunion in February," she told Us Weekly magazine for its March 31 issue. "He's so caught up in everything. I'd rather be with a construction worker than with someone who craves the spotlight like that."

Andrich said she kept the jewelry she received during the show, but has yet to receive her half of the $1 million she and Marriott learned they would split during the finale. Once she gets the money, she said, "I'm going to help relatives in Serbia get medical care." She also wants to become a holistic nurse.