MSNBC columnist Jeannette Walls reports that “Joe Millionaire” star Evan Marriott is continuing to talk trash about his televised romance adverture.

Apparently having exhausted his state-side opportunities, Marriott has now been doing the talk-show circuit in Canada, where, according to one source, he suggested that the show’s producers urged him to pick “winner” Zora Andrich. “He said he wasn’t really attracted to any of the contestants,” according to the source. “He was hot for one of the production people. But the producers wanted Zora.”

And in another interview, Marriott had some not entirely kind words for Zora, who's "lack of affection" toward Evan even she won a jackpot of material possessions apparently dumbfounded (not that we suspect it was difficult) the former construction worker. “After the show, we spent two days together,” Marriott told Canada’s National Post. “She had gotten five necklaces, a hope ring, $500,000, and I had chosen her and she still showed me no affection. I was like, ‘Help a brother out!’ Even after the show, she was still uncomfortable and said she still felt weird about the whole thing.”

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