On the day that the Emmy Award nominations were announced, with none for Fox's Joe Millionaire, we learned that Evan Marriott, the bachelor from the show, wasn't too disappointed ... because he really has his eyes set on Oscar.

Oscar Madison, that is. The Brampton (Ont.) Guardian reports that Evan will be joining the Birdcage Playhouse, a local community theater in the Toronto suburb, for performances of Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple on August 20-24. Evan will be playing the part of sloppy bachelor Oscar Madison, made famous by Walter Matthau and Jack Klugman. Tickets are CDN $23 (payment in "loonies" might be appropriate).

Brian Bird, the founder of Birdcage, will play the other leading role, the fastidious Felix Unger. An open audition for the roles of some of Oscar's "poker buddies" will be held by Birdcage on Friday, July 18, and Saturday, July 19. We don't expect Zora Andrich, whom Evan has repeatedly criticized for her refusal to be his "bedroom buddy", to try out for this role either.