Still wondering how FOX is planning on pulling off a "Joe Millionaire" sequel after over 33 million Americans tuned in to watch the original edition's finale? So is the rest of the country.

Where will the network find new women who are not aware of the program's premise and can still be duped? Were "Joe" casting directors casting about in Amish country? Were they beating the bushes in Appalachia? The remote parts of Alaska? Was FOX so desperate that even Canadians (perhaps from the Yukon Territory) were finally allowed to participate on an American reality television program?

According to a New York Daily News report, it was none of the above. Instead, according to the Daily News, the word around the television business is that "Joe Millionaire 2" version will use women living overseas who are unfamiliar with the show.

The term "overseas" remains undefined, so if the Hollywood grapevine is true, perhaps we'll soon all be watching some irish lasses... or perhaps some british damsels... or french mademoiselles... or italian signorinas... or perhaps all of the above.

"Joe Millionaire 2" will premiere on FOX on Monday, October 20 (8-9 PM ET/PT.)