As information continues to leak out from Survivor: Pearl Islands, Internet sleuths continue to try to figure out what will happen. The latest possible spoiling comes from Survivor News and True Dork Times, who may have identified the first two booted from the Drake and Morgan tribes in Panama.

Don't read further if you don't want to know more about their findings.

Back in mid-August, before much about the contestants was known, Survivor News reported information that it had received about the first two individuals booted from Pearl Islands. Although "Snewser" from Survivor News noted that he could not verify the accuracy of the information, he identified the two as follows:

First [to leave] was described as a youngish athletic woman, about 5'6", with short ash or platinum blonde hair. Second of the two was a young, tall, skinny guy, who looked younger than the girl, but very unhealthy.

True Dork Times then analyzed the contestants and concluded that the two most likely to go, based on Snewser's description, are both members of the Morgan tribe, which is the apparent loser of the first challenge ... and maybe the second one too, if this info is accurate. Highlight the space below if you want to know the predicted boots:

Nicole Delma and Ryan Shoulders

Is this true? We'll find out on September 18.