FOX has announced that after a summer filled with fun, sun, scheming and strategizing, the residents of "Paradise Hotel" will soon find out what they'll win if they aren't forced to check out and that the ultimate prize will be awarded to the last couple standing. But before that happens, they'll need to survive the challenges ahead.

"Paradise Hotel," located on the cliffs overlooking Acapulco Bay, housed 18 residents over the course of the summer. The first reality show to actually vote in new participants caused quite a stir, especially when the new guests formed alliances and began evicting original members.

In the Monday, September 1 (9-10 PM ET/PT) episode the nine remaining hotel guests are paid a surprise visit by former cast members who have been voted off -- and who have full knowledge of the show in progress. These returning guests have had a chance to watch the series at home and they use that awareness to really stir up the pot -- exposing the deceit that several of those still in the game have used to manipulate others and remain guests in the hotel. As if that were not enough, that's not the only surprise in store. The living arrangements at the hotel are about to get a little more complicated, setting the stage for the next four episodes where guests will be voted off until only four participants remain.

In other "Paradise" news, the network has also announced that the two-hour season finale of "Paradise Hotel" has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 1.