The current edition of US Magazine includes a brief mention of this week's upcoming finale of Fox's Paradise Hotel -- along with a picture that appears to inadvertently reveal the identities of the show's "Final Four" contestants. The picture, discussed on the Reality TV World message boards, is a photograph of the jury, apparently taken during the finale. Thus, the four contestants not in the photo make up the final two couples.

WARNING: This story contains spoiler information. Don't read any further if you don't want to know!

Back in August, Fox announced that the booted contestants would make up the jury who selected the game's winner. Somewhat surprisingly, or perhaps not, Fox provided US Magazine with what appears to be a photograph of the jury. The photo accompanies US Magazine's mention of the finale's October 1 air date, from 8-10 PM. By identifying the jury, the two remaining "couples" can be determined, despite Fox's intention to keep the final boot as a "cliffhanger."

Jury members shown in the photo are as follows:

Men: Alex, Zach, Matt, Tom, Andon, Beau, Scott.
Women: Melanie, Kristen, Amy, Kavita, Desiree, Toni, Amanda, Holly.

Thus, Scott and Holly are the final couple eliminated, and the final two couples are Dave and Charla and Keith and Tara. Presuming that, unlike Fox's 2001 show Love Cruise, no couples are "brought back" into the final vote, the "victory" will go to two of the members of "Team Barbie."

Under normal circumstances, we'd qualify a spoiler such as this as possibly being deliberately misleading. However, considering all of the information flow from Paradise Hotel prior to this, we accept the photo -- and the final four -- at face value. Hopefully we won't have to be wiping egg off of that face...