Continuing a recent mini reversal of the one-way trend of US broadcasters licensing existing overseas reality programs for US production, Digital Sky's Neil Wilkes is reporting that FOX has sold the format for its Paradise Hotel summer program to ten countries around the world.

The format licensing deal means that local editions of Paradise Hotel may soon be airing in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Korea, Singapore and South Africa.

Other previous reality television format licensing deals by US producers include Queer Eye For The Straight Eye to the United Kingdom, Australia, and Scandinavia and Temptation Island for the United Kingdom.

American imports of overseas reality formats have been much more numerous and date back to the original Survivor (from Sweden) and Big Brother (from Europe) series. Other reality concepts imported for US consumption include FOX's American Idol (known as Pop Idol in the UK) and Performing As... (known as SoundMix in Europe,) NBC's Dog Eat Dog (from the United Kingdom) and Fear Factor (from Holland) and ABC's upcoming Wife Swap series.

Paradise Hotel 2 is expected to return to FOX's broadcast schedule in Summer 2004.