Coupled featured five women leaving the show without a love match and Alexandra "Alex" Clark pairing up with Jeffrey Blockson in the Couples' Villas during Tuesday night's broadcast on Fox.

Alyssa Reeves, a 32-year-old model from Sherman Oaks, CA; Domonique Price, a 29-year-old attorney from Seattle WA; Brittany Lo, a 24-year-old beauty company CEO from Manhattan, NY; and Talyah Polee, a 27-year-old substance abuse counselor from Lakewood, CO, were sent home because they failed to get coupled up with a man on the island. 

Although Alex, a 23-year-old radio DJ from Louisville, KY, initially expected to leave, Jeffrey, a 30-year-old real estate investor from Chicago, IL, asked her to stay so he could get to know her better after dumping Kristin Kirgan, a 33-year-old photographer from Los Angeles, CA.

Despite still having a crush on Tyler Gattuso, a 24-year-old model and real estate agent from Miami, FL, Alex decided to give Jeffrey a chance as Kristin was forced to go home.

The Coupled broadcast began with pairs in the Villas forming solid relationships. Ben Rosenfield and Lisa Rotondi had an intense physical connection in which they'd often sneak away to have sex, while Lindsey Tuer and Alex Lagemann were smitten with each other and couldn't stop laughing.

Alicia Blanco and Tyler were a new couple, so they were just enjoying each other's company, and Ashley Reitz and Brian "BT" Urruela were falling in love with each other. Terecia "TT" Baker and Brandon Smith were also finding love with one another, and they were getting closer to being physically intimate.

Jeffrey, however, wasn't getting along with Kristin at all, and he admitted he wished he had picked Alex Clark at the start of his journey on the show instead. She was friendly and bubbly and he really liked her.

Meanwhile, there was tension between Alex Clark and Alicia over Tyler. Alex Clark called her a bully and Alicia couldn't believe her "little sister" -- whom she supposedly tried to help -- would say such negative things about her.

Afterward, the remaining women at the Bungalows were told they must pack up to leave the show because no more men were available. But before they left, they were given the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends in the Villas. Alex Clark was dreading a reunion with both Alicia and Tyler, who broke her heart.

Over a couple of drinks, Jeffrey revealed to Alex Clark he wasn't having fun with Kristin and their personalities didn't click, even on a friendship level. Kristin, however, told the cameras that Jeffrey never tried to reach out to her when she left, that he didn't care nor did he try to make her feel special.

Jeffrey wanted to spend his time with Alex Clark instead and asked her if she'd like to go on a date with him. She thought he was super cute, but she still liked Tyler. Alex Clark thought about the possibility and talked to her girlfriends for advice, who seemed to push her into giving Jeffrey a chance.

Afterward, Jeffrey and Kristin officially split. He told her that she was a very tough person to communicate with, adding that she was also bossy and talked to him as if he was a child. In reply, Kristin said Jeffrey was not the hopeless romantic he led her to believe he was.

In her final words, Kristin said she "dodged a bullet" by ending her relationship with Jeffrey. She was at least proud of herself for becoming vulnerable in this process and opening herself up to finding love.
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Alex Clark then spoke to Tyler about Jeffrey wanting to pursue a romance. Tyler was overly excited about the situation, pushing his ex-flame to date another guy. Alex Clark said he made her feel uncomfortable and "gross," which made her like him less. Alex Clark also didn't trust him at all, thinking he wanted a backup plan in case things didn't work out with Alicia.

Although Alex Clark wasn't sure if she had a spark with Jeffrey, she opted to stay and give it a try. Alex Clark thought Jeffrey was honest and real, and she felt like she could be himself around him.

The episode concluded with the remaining couples enjoying a little party outdoors in which they listened to music and danced. Jeffrey escorted Alex Clark to the beach in order to talk to her in private, and he quickly surprised her with red roses and chocolates.

Alex Clark actually cried because she said a man has never done anything like that for her before. She hugged and kissed him in thanks, saying she deserved a great guy and it was very possible Jeffrey could end up being that guy.