Coupled star Alexandra "Alex" Clark has revealed which of the three couples who chose to commit at the end of the show are still dating and going strong.

"Lets get to the good stuff, who's still together?!" Clark wrote in her blog following last night's finale broadcast on Fox.

"[Brandon Smith] and [Terecia 'TT' Baker], and [Lisa Rotondi] and [Ben Rosenfield]!"

Clark revealed she recently hung out with Rotondi and Rosenfield, who will be best remembered for having the most physical passion of any of the couples on the island.

"I think it's awesome that the two people everyone gave crap to about getting together proved everyone wrong. Sometimes when you know you have an undeniable connection with someone you have to go for it. In their particular case it was definitely the right decision to switch," Clark explained.

A few weeks back, Michelle Tam dumped Rosenfield because he was too flirtatious with Rotondi. When Rosenfield expressed interest in dating Rotondi, she then split with the guy she was seeing as well to pursue a new romance.

Clark's disclosure unfortunately means Lindsey Tuer and Alex Lagemann didn't work out.

On the show, Tuer was always worried Lagemann wouldn't remain loyal to one girl since he tours with his band and constantly receives attention from random women. Lagemann had been single and mingling for five years prior to appearing on Coupled.

As for what went wrong in her own relationship with Jeffrey Blockson, Clark explained it wouldn't be in his best interest to move around with her for her career since he has a child at home and their differences in faith turned out to be too much to cope with.

"While he is spiritual," she said, "I want to find someone who I know our love can be ETERNAL with, not just Earthly."

Clark was surprised, however, how well she got to know Blockson.

"In real time, Jeff and I spent about 7-8 days together. Unlike other dating shows on Coupled once you're in the Villas you are together 24/7 so we did get to know each other a lot better than we thought we would," Clark explained.

Clark said everything about Blockson was "seriously perfect" and she "had no complaints." She called him "insanely gorgeous, hilarious, gentle, selfless, and extremely mature." 
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"Even when he talked about his son's mother who he's not together with, he talked about her in such an uplifting and positive way. Last night my dad was texting me during the finale and he said, 'Your mom and I LOVE Jeff, are you sure it won't work?! ;)'"

Clark would probably do a show like Coupled again considering she had an overall "positive experience."

"Right now I'm the happiest and most content being single I have EVER been," the radio personality and deejay revealed. "I know more than ever exactly what I'm looking for... I have a special bond with almost all of the girls from the show and still talk to most of them regularly and even some daily."