Coupled ended with three pairs committing and three couples splitting during Tuesday night's finale episode on Fox.

In the finale broadcast, each individual remaining on the show was surprised with a visit from a loved one at home so he or she could seek advice and comfort in making his or her final life-changing decision about whether it makes sense to leave the show in a relationship. 

Unfortunately, Ashley Reitz, a 27-year-old curve model from Marco Island, FL, broke up with Brian "BT" Urruela, a 30-year-old romance novelist from Tampa, FL, after a fight mid-episode because she didn't like the angry side of him and felt she couldn't help him or make him happy due to his PTSD and insecurities.

Despite the fact BT asked her to stay and eventually blamed himself for the fallout, Ashley had nothing left to give even though she cared for him tremendously. The couple hugged and cried together, acknowledging that they had an amazing time and no regrets.

At the end of the two-hour broadcast, it was up to each man in the relationships to wait outside of a helicopter on the beach for his lady in order to continue dating her in the real world or take off in the helicopter alone before she even showed up.

It was also up to the woman in each partnership to either meet her man on the beach and head off into the sunset together or take off in another direction and leave in a boat alone.

Despite a little hesitation at first, Ben Rosenfield, a 36-year-old tech entrepreneur from Chicago IL, chose to stick it out with Lisa Rotondi, a 26-year-old real estate agent from New York, NY. Ben loved how she made him laugh and was a strong, confident woman.

Although she worried about her rockstar boyfriend's ability to commit to only one woman, Lindsey Tuer, a 30-year-old sales rep from Carlsbad, CA, decided to take a chance on Alex Lagemann, a 26-year-old musician from Hermosa Beach, CA, who had been single up until that point for five years and touring with his band.

"To go home in a relationship with an amazing guy who I have true feelings for, I never would've expected that in a million years," Lindsey told the cameras.

Terecia "TT" Baker, a 26-year-old theme park princess from Alhambra, CA, and Brandon Smith, a 29-year-old former pro basketball player from Los Angeles, CA, happily chose each other and both confessed they were in love and had found "the one."

Brandon was nervous TT wouldn't meet him on the beach because they had many ups and downs and arguments, however, TT realized she loved him when she missed him even when they were fighting. TT couldn't picture her life without him in it, and Brandon felt like "the luckiest man alive."

In addition to Ashley and BT, two other couples broke up in paradise. And ironically, the woman in each relationship made the decision to dump her partner.

Tyler Gattuso, a 24-year-old model and real estate agent from Miami, FL, waited with anticipation on the beach for his dream girl Alicia Blanco, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Toluca Lake, CA. However, Alicia never arrived and instead went home solo in a boat.
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Alicia thought Tyler was too young for her and she couldn't wait 10 years for him to be the perfect husband and father she knows he can be. Tyler was very hurt and felt sick to his stomach.

"It was all too good to be true..." Tyler told the cameras of the former beauty queen, "I absolutely got played." 

Jeffrey, a 30-year-old real estate investor from Chicago, IL, also wanted to continue dating Alexandra "Alex" Clark, a 23-year-old radio DJ from Louisville, KY, and waited for her by the helicopter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

But due to a difference in faith and the fact Alexandra wants to travel with her man -- and Jeffrey has a son -- she decided it didn't make sense for them to commit in the real world.

Out of respect, Alex broke up with Jeffrey to his face, and Jeffrey handled it gracefully although he had been very optimistic about the future of their romance. Alex thought he was the most incredible guy in so many ways, but he just wasn't the perfect guy for her.

"I'll always care about you," Jeffrey told Alexandra, later adding that the split like a stab in the heart.

"Sometimes, God's plan isn't your plan," Alex said in a confessional.