America's Got Talent judges Heidi Klum, Melanie "Mel B" Brown, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell advanced seven out of 20 acts to Season 11's live shows during Tuesday night's broadcast on NBC.

With the continuation of the "Judge Cuts" round, 20 acts took the stage one at a time and the judges had to make some extremely difficult elimination decisions. AGT's judges were joined by guest judge George Lopez, who had the power to automatically advance one act without deliberation via the "Golden Buzzer."

George hit the "Golden Buzzer" for Malevo, a drumming and dancing act ages 17-42 from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mel B said she's never seen anything like their act before and the sound made her feel like there were 800 members in the group when there are only eight. Simon believes there is a market for an act like them, adding that the men were "brilliant."

Heidi joked that there was "so much good looking testosterone onstage" and said there was certainly nothing boring about the act. George explained he hit the buzzer because they have incredible passion for music as well as the love of brotherhood and their country.

The other acts the judges selected to advance to live shows were Alla and Daniel Novikov, a dancing act ages 32 and 8 respectively from Upland, CA; Daniel Joyner, a 17-year-old singer from Alamo, TN; Tape Face, who hasn't revealed any bio information for himself; Ryan Stock, a 34-year-old act who puts dangerous things inside his mouth, and his assistant AmberLynn from Las Vegas, Nevada; Blake Vogt, a 27-year-old magician from Lebanon, IN; and Brian Justin Crum, a 28-year-old singer from Los Angeles, CA.

The seven acts were chosen because they absolutely blew the judges away. In addition to Malevo, there were two standout acts in the group -- Brian Justin, who sang a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," and Ryan, who balanced a working chainsaw in his mouth after also putting out a blow torch on his tongue.

The results unfortunately sent 13 talented acts packing.

Some of the eliminated acts were Jose and his dog Carrie, a dancing act ages 58 and 12 respectively from Santiago, Chile; Ilan and Josh, a beatbox duo ages 22 and 24 from New York, NY; The Finest Family, a dancing act ages 8-19 from Corona, CA; Rose and Charles, a dancer and singer respectively ages 57 and 61 from Mountain View, CA; Mason Bumba, a 10-year-old martial artist from Chicago IL; and Good Girl, a singing girl group ages 21-23 from Philadelphia, PA.

The rest of the acts who were eliminated are Dominique Dy, a 14-year-old singer from Hendersonville, TN; Madison Watkins, a 21-year-old singer from Fayetteville, AR; Charlie Placais, a 29-year-old strength act from Paris, France; Ian Stewart, a 37-year-old sharp shooter with circus skills from Truro, Canada; Al Ducharme, a 48-year-old comedian from Cranston, RI; Ryan Beard, an 18-year-old comedian on piano from Kansas City, KS; and Sam Morril, a 29-year-old comedian from New York, NY.

More cuts will be made when the next episode of America's Got Talent airs Wednesday night on NBC.