CBS has decided to air the finale of this summer's Big Brother edition after this fall's Survivor premiere.  Literally.

The network has announced Big Brother's twelfth season will end with a special two-hour finale which will air Wednesday, September 15 at 9PM ET/PT -- immediately following CBS' premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua at 8PM ET/PT.

In addition to the winner being revealed and claiming the competition's $500,000 grand prize, Big Brother's finale broadcast will also feature the houseguests reuniting and discussing the season.

Big Brother's twelfth season will be the straight-second edition to feature a two-hour finale format.

Big Brother 6 was the last Big Brother edition to air its finale after the debut of Survivor, which has launched CBS' fall schedule each of the last nine years.  It aired September 20, 2005 -- five days after the premiere of Survivor: Guatemala, Survivor's eleventh edition.

Big Brother's third, fourth and fifth editions also aired their finales the week after the debuts of Survivor's fall editions in 2002, 2003 and 2004, respectively.