Teresa Giudice is in hot water with a New Jersey charity.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently upset Strengthen Our Sisters, which operates a 155-bed domestic violence shelter for women and children in northern New Jersey, by allegedly demanding $3,000 to appear at a July 19 fundraiser organized by the charity.

"Mike Esterman, who books her appearances, said... she would not show up unless she got paid," event organizer Athena Georgiadis told the New York Post.   "I explained this was for a shelter for women and children. He said it doesn't matter."

However Esterman denied the allegation when contacted by the Post.  According to the booking agent, he merely told the charity they would have to contact Giudice "directly" instead of going through him.

"I made it clear I only handle her paid appearances, and the fee is $3,000 and a car service. I said charity events have to be agreed by Teresa personally, and they should reach out to her directly," he said.

Giudice's The Real Housewives nemesis Danielle Staub did appear at the event along with her daughters and "friend" Lori Michaels for free, according to Georgiadis.

"At first I felt angry, but now I feel sorry for people like Teresa," organizer Jacquelyn Aluotto said about Giudice.