Big Brother houseguest Britney Haynes will apparently be the recipient of bad news following tonight's live twelfth-season finale.

The Little Rock house Haynes was set to move into with fiance Nick Grisham following tonight's finale was heavily damaged in a late-night fire early Wednesday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Haynes had reportedly not yet lived in the house, which the couple had rented before she left to compete on Big Brother.  However Grisham had been residing there since July along with Haynes' personal possessions, which he moved into the home shortly after she left to compete on Big Brother.

While the cause of the fire remains under investigation, Grisham's mother Laura Grisham told the Democrat-Gazette he had been grilling and it is believed the grill somehow started the fire, which he awoke to during the night.

After escaping the home, Grisham was able to re-enter and rescue the couple's two dogs, as well as some personal belongings.  Firefighters arrived at the house around 1:30AM but the fire was fully involved by that time, according to the newspaper.

A complete damage estimate is not complete, but firefighters believe the home is a total loss.

Grisham contacted Big Brother's producers about the fire but they agreed to not tell Haynes -- who has been sequestered in the show's jury house since her eviction last week -- about it until after the finale.

"He told them what happened and they agreed they wouldn't say anything to Britney," Grisham's mother told the Democrat-Gazette. "She can't do anything. The final show is tonight and it's live. There's no sense in her knowing."

Grisham is flying to Los Angeles to meet Haynes after tonight's finale and worried how she will respond to the news.

"He hasn't seen her in three months and he's afraid she's going to be mad," his mother said. "I said 'you don't understand son, you are lucky to be alive, especially after going back in two more times to get the dogs out.'"
About The Author: Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers is a senior entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and been covering the reality TV genre for two decades.