Bachelorette spoilers revealing Season 19 The Bachelorette stars Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's Final 4 bachelors -- eight men, in total -- have leaked out after the women were spotted filming their men's hometown dates.


[The Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: This report reveals spoilers on Rachel's Final 4 bachelors as well as Gabby's Final 4 suitors as the cast continues to film The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.]

The initial The Bachelorette cast for Season 19 comprised of 35 potential suitors was announced in late March, right around the time Gabby and Rachel began filming their season.


And the dual leads have already completed the men's hometown dates, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

"(HOMETOWN DATES SPOILER): Today was the last hometown for Gabby," Carbone tweeted on Monday, May 2.

"There haven't been any pics/videos that have gotten out publicly since the first three last Sat, Sun, & Mon. Here are your 4 hmtwns for each woman, when & where they filmed, & pics/videos of those I was able to get."

Rachel's Final 4 bachelors are reportedly Tino Franco, a 28-year-old from Playa Del Rey, CA; Zach Shallcross, a 25-year-old from Austin, TX; Tyler Norris, a 25-year-old from Rio Grande, NJ; and Aven Jones, a 29-year-old from San Diego, CA.

Tino Franco's hometown date with Rachel filmed on April 29 in Louisiana.

"Rachel's hometown date with Tino Franco was Friday 4/29 at Castaic Lake in LA, then they went to his parents for dinner in Santa Clarita, CA. No pics or videos from that date as of now," Carbone tweeted on Monday.

Zach Shallcross introduced Rachel to his family on April 27.

Carbone reported that Rachel and Zach visited the Orange Fire Dept in Orange, CA, where they apparently dressed in proper firefighter attire and kissed in the front seat of a firetruck.

Rachel appeared to have fun with Tyler Norris in his New Jersey hometown on April 24.

Carbone obtained photos of the couple walking a boardwalk hand-in-hand and smiling as well as playing carnival games at Wildwoods Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ.

And Aven Jones brought Rachel home to Salem, MA, on April 23.


Photos captured Rachel and Aven enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride through a park in Salem, followed by a stop at Crow Haven Corner, which is Salem's oldest witch shop, according to its Facebook page, that offers psychic readings, incense, oils, brews and more.

Rachel and Aven were also photographed and filmed sitting outside of Finz restaurant.

Carbone reported that he is only certain about three of Gabby's Final 4 suitors: Johnny DePhillipo, a 25-year-old from Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Jason Alabaster, a 30-year-old from Santa Monica, CA; and Eric Schwer, a 29-year-old from Santa Monica, CA.

Johnny DePhillipo took Gabby to Jupiter, FL, on April 28.

Carbone obtained photos of Gabby and Johnny at Jupiter Beach Park, and he introduced Gabby to his family at his parents' house in North Palm Beach, FL.

Gabby took a trip to New Orleans, LA, for Jason Alabaster on April 26.

"Gabby's hometown date Tuesday 4/26 with Jason Alabaster in New Orleans, LA," Carbone tweeted on Monday. "They were in the French Quarter, walked in front of Jackson Square, & also threw beads off the balcony at the Saints & Sinners bar owned by Channing Tatum."

And Gabby filmed a hometown date with Eric Schwer on April 24 in Bedminster, NJ. They apparently checked out Natirar Park and spent time at Eric's family's home in New Jersey.

But the spoiler blogger admitted he's "not 100 percent sure" of Gabby's fourth hometown date.

"In terms of Gabby's 4th hometown, I have a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to her having one with Justin Budfuloski this past Friday in Simi Valley, the same day Rachel had hers with Tino in Santa Clarita," Carbone tweeted.

"I just have never been specifically told or seen any pics/videos she did."

Carbone, however, is pretty confident that Gabby had four hometown dates, and one was probably with Justin, a 32-year-old from Solana Beach, CA.

"I do believe she did have one," Carbone wrote on Twitter.

"I really don't think Gabby only had 3 hometown dates, while Rachel had 4. That would throw things off and wouldn't make much sense. If/when I get confirmation it was Justin (or possibly someone else), I will post it."


Following hometown dates, Gabby, Rachel and their remaining men reportedly traveled to Mexico, where the women will enjoy overnight Fantasy Suite dates and film their Final Rose Ceremonies.

The Bachelorette's new season will be hosted by Jesse Palmer and premiere Monday, July 11 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

The format of The Bachelorette's upcoming nineteenth season has yet to be described, and when Gabby and Rachel were announced as dual stars in March, they didn't even know how the process was going to work.

"Everyone keeps asking," Gabby said on Good Morning America.

"We just got thrown in. But I have faith and a lot of trust and I love Rachel to death and I know we're gonna have each other's backs the whole way, so there's really not a doubt in my mind that it's gonna end up well."

Given Gabby and Rachel had a heartbreaking journey competing against each other on Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor in which they had been strung along and dumped simultaneously, fans have voiced their dismay over the idea the women may be pitted against each other again.

Even former The Bachelorette co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe told E! News of Rachel and Gabby's joint casting in March, "I just want somebody to have their own season and I just don't want it to be them pitted against each other."

But around that time, The Bachelor creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss reassured viewers on Twitter that the casting shakeup does not mean Rachel and Gabby will be at odds.

"I love Gabby and Rachel but there's no way this doesn't pit these two against each other," one fan tweeted at the time. "Every guy is gonna be asked the same question 'who do you like more!'"

Mike replied at the time, "Not true! You'll see..."

And in early April, Mike posted a happy photo of Gabby and Rachel sitting in a restaurant booth together.

"See, no drama...Just two friends helping each other find true love! Exclusive international photo!!!" Mike tweeted.

The last time The Bachelorette featured two stars in one season, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson were forced to face off against each other for the role.

The Bachelorette's Season 11 men were asked to vote for which woman they'd like to continue dating on Night 1, and Kaitlyn ended up winning the position over Britt, who was then immediately kicked off the show.

Viewers watched Clayton break up with and devastate Gabby and Rachel in a group dumping session after sleeping with the both of them and also professing his love to three women.

Clayton let Gabby and Rachel go in order to chase down the woman he was "the most in love with," Susie Evans, who had quit during Fantasy Suites due to Clayton's decision to be intimate -- both emotionally and physically -- with two other ladies.

Gabby and Rachel were sent packing when they were both totally in love with Clayton and had met his family.

Clayton made each girl feel like she was going to be the one at the end with him, but he is now dating Susie in the real world.

On The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, Gabby said she felt misled by Clayton and complained, "As you said, you compartmentalized our relationships. Watching it back, everything is so muddled and you were clearly pitting us against each other. It really seemed like a competition, which I had expressed to you I didn't want to be a part of."

"And it seemed like you had your mind set on Susie WAY before you wanted to tell us, and you kept going back to Rachel and I, 'Oh, I want to try this and I want you to meet my family -- but I can't stop thinking about Susie and I love Susie the most,'" she added.

Rachel also admitted to feeling betrayed and "cast aside" by The Bachelor 26 star. Rachel put Clayton in his place by saying he never loved her and ultimately didn't deserve her love.

Rachel even questioned Clayton if he had just said "I love you" to her in order to sleep with her in the Fantasy Suites.

On The Bachelorette's official Instagram page, Season 19 is dubbed "dreamy, surprising, empowering, amazing, romantic and dramatic" in a promo.


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