The Bachelorette alum Gabby Windey and girlfriend Robby Hoffman have revealed they're one step closer to moving in together.

Gabby and Robby have been living separately in Los Angeles, CA, ever since going Instagram official in August 2023, but according to the couple, that's about to change.


"We talk about it all the time," Robby told in a joint interview with Gabby about moving in together.

"I have a cat and she has a dog, and I feel like the cat is taking a back seat. They just need a little less. Gabby has a big place we could move into, but it's only randomly one bathroom, which I feel like with all the accouterments she has, it could be hard."

Gabby joked of her love, "I think that's the one thing she's clinging onto to make excuses! So we are not U-hauling, because we can't with the dog and the cat."

But Robby assured fans that she and The Bachelorette's Season 19 star will "soon enough" be living together under one roof.

"The soonest we are going to seriously have the conversation is when our leases are up in the summer and if a new great place pops up, fantastic, and if not I might be moving into the one bathroom situation," Robby explained.

Robby noted, "It is gorgeous though, the house is beautiful," and Gabby added, "She would love it!"

Moving in together has apparently been "an ongoing conversation" for the couple since earlier this year.

Gabby previously said she began questioning her sexuality at age 30 and then her desire to date women became stronger while on tour for Dancing with the Stars' 31st season.

Gabby then met Robby outside of a bar, and Robby apparently charmed The Bachelorette alum with her personality and sense of humor.

Gabby said coming out as queer last summer in her thirties was "kind of a blessing" in her life.

"I had life experience that you don't have when you're younger. Robby had a terrible coming out story from when she was 17 and she went through so much scrutiny," Gabby revealed.

"So being an adult, I can stand on my own a little bit more. It's less about labels and what my sexuality is and more that I just fell in love. So yes, I was exploring, but there was something about our connection that was really special."


And Robby shared how her relationship with Gabby almost felt like "coming out again."

Robby recalled, "I was outed in a very brutal and shocking way at school and it was really bad. I realized after that, I never really came out formally, so I feel like I'm coming out with her."

"And this is way better!" the comedian gushed. "If you can do it again, do it with Gabby Windey, I highly advise."

Gabby said she "knew early on" in her romance with Robby that they're "right for each other."

Gabby gushed about how the couple gets along "so well," adding, "Sense of humor has always been so important to me, so when people found out it's obviously no surprise because Robby is funny as hell... [and] she's so smart and gorgeous as well. She's all natural!"

Robby reiterated how she also "knew right away" that Gabby was The One for her.

"But we're always learning how to be better ones for each other. It is an ongoing process. We felt it initially and now we are always checking in and figuring out how to continue to make each other happy. It's just been amazing," Robby concluded.

In October, Gabby shared her thoughts on potentially getting engaged to Robby one day.

"I do want to get married. I think it's another level of commitment to bring two people closer," Gabby explained to Us Weekly at the time.

"Whether I want to do it [again] right away -- I think I'm just now getting on my feet, getting accustomed to this new life, really finding myself processing all the big change that's happened in a couple of years."

The Bachelor 26 alum therefore noted, "So I kind of want to revel in that and I don't want to rush a relationship. I want to be in the beginning. I want things to look forward to."

Gabby joked about how she feels "bad" for people who get married young in life.

"At [age] 18, like, what else is there in life?" The Bachelorette alum quipped. "You already did the biggest day of your life, you know what I mean?"


But when it comes to the idea of potentially starting a family, Gabby confessed on the "Just B with Bethenny Frankel" podcast in September, "We don't want kids."

When asked if she and Robby had made that decision together, Gabby shared, "Both of us didn't want them separately... Honestly, with Robby, I would love to see little Robbys, and I would love to see her as a mom because she's so hilarious and she's so present."

But Gabby is apparently living her best life now -- and she doesn't want to change that dynamic.

"We both had tumultuous childhoods and we both went through so much as kids, so we want to be kids now!" Gabby explained on the podcast.

"We are kids and we play so much. We want to be able to have room for ourselves and really treat our relationship like our child. That is our priority and we want to throw all of our resources into protecting it and growing it and nurturing it."

Gabby said she had "a lot of shame" to work through after her time on The Bachelor franchise but now she loves being in a monogamous relationship with Robby and believes "real love transcends gender."

The Bachelorette alum also boasted about how she and her girlfriend are both driven and career-minded.

In terms of their finances, Gabby shared how they split the cost of things and both contribute.

"I don't really want to buy into gender norms. I think it's like that even within the lesbian community. Robby is a little more masculine, but I'm like, 'We don't need to be doing that,'" Gabby said.

"I'm with a woman because I feel more emotionally connected. I feel safer with your soul and I like your being... We know what it's like to be a woman and we think similarly. I'm not with you because I want you to pay for everything."

Gabby concluded that she does "well" financially and so she thinks everything is "fine" and "fair."

Gabby was previously engaged to her The Bachelorette winner Erich Schwer.

Gabby and Erich got engaged on The Bachelorette's nineteenth-season finale, which aired in September 2022, but Gabby announced their amicable breakup just two short months later during an episode of Dancing with the Stars' 31st season.

"I do feel like [I was a] little caught up in 'Bachelor world.' I think it is a little dated," Gabby told Us about accepting Erich Schwer's marriage proposal on the show.

When Gabby and Erich's engagement ended, Gabby said she and her former fiance weren't "in sync" or "the best match" for each other.


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