Multimillionaire Andrew Firestone proposed to her, equivocated, and then decided that he preferred skirt-chasing to monogamy. Donald Trump's Apprentice Bill Rancic -- who had been under consideration for Andrew's role on Bachelor 3 -- also dated her before she realized that he was too similar to Andrew. Now she has a chance to do it her way.

According to E! Online, Mentor, Ohio native and current Chicagoan Jen Schefft has been selected to be the star of ABC's The Bachelorette 3. Jen will thus follow in the high-heeled footsteps of two other Bachelor contestants who failed to find love when the guys chose: Trista Rehn, who married her pick, firefighter (and ex-football star) Ryan Sutter, and Meredith Phillips, who at least is still engaged to her pick, ex-investment banker Ian McKee.

That's 1-for-2 for the bachelorettes, with a chance of 2-for-2, in turning reality TV dating into a lifetime commitment. By contrast, the male bachelors are 0-for-5 in finding love on the show, with only one relationship -- Jen's -- lasting significantly beyond a month or so after the finale.

To be fair, though, Bachelor 4 star Bob Guiney did find love with someone from the show and married her. However, his choice was Rebecca Budig, the actress who hosted the ABC Family Channel repeat broadcasts, not one of the contestants, and the romance took place behind the cameras -- perhaps one reason why many viewers reacted so negatively to "Bachelor Bob."

According to USA Today, production on The Bachelorette 3 will begin in September or October, with the series to premiere in January.

We note, however, that while we now know the identity of The Bachelorette 3, we still know nothing about the bachelor starring in this fall's The Bachelor 6 on ABC. Considering that 0-for-5 record, perhaps it's just as well....