Zak Waddell admitted he's still in love with Desiree Hartsock during Monday night's broadcast of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special.  

"Yeah, it won't go away," Waddell told host Chris Harrison. "Obviously you lose hope that it could happen, but it's there."

Waddell said his unexpected elimination certainly took an emotional toll on him.

"It's just a feeling of defeat. Something you dream and hope will happen just builds and builds and builds, and then in one second, it's just gone," he explained.

Hartsock then joined Harrison and a heartbroken Waddell on the stage and attempted to give Waddell some closure on their relationship, noting that sending him home was very difficult.

"That was really hard for me too, because you did have everything I was looking for. I had to kind of gauge it with the other relationships and see if the emotional connection was there," Hartsock told him.

"And sometimes, I felt like you're very similar to me and you would sometimes hide behind your smile -- just as [Sean Lowe] said to me. So it was always positive, but I wasn't sure if maybe I'd be the one that you would have a hard day and want to come home and talk to about that, because everything was constantly positive."

Waddell seemed to respect and understand Hartsock's explanation.

"The smile thing, it makes sense, so I appreciate that," said Waddell, who then performed a song he wrote for Hartsock after they split to best express his feelings.

The song featured lyrics such as, "hurts to say goodbye," the breakup "left a bruise for life," and "moving on."

"I hope you have been able to find peace and happiness because you've always been a positive light. You're so thoughtful. You really are," Hartsock said after Waddell sang.