Ben Scott allegedly had his son Brody as a result of infidelity, according to The Bachelorette bachelor Dan Cox. 

During Monday night's broadcast of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special, Cox accused Scott of much more than just being one man to Desiree Hartsock and another to his fellow suitors in the house.

"You just kept making things up and it became a part of your personality. We never felt like we knew you or you were real with anyone. And then your son's mom said that you just put in for child custody once you got off the show. You never really helped raise him and you weren't really a father to him. You just kind of used him," Cox revealed.

"Excuse me? You never spent one day with me in Dallas. Now tell me how you know how I am with my son," Scott requested.

"I don't know," Cox began.

"You're right, then why are you saying this stuff?!" Scott interjected.

"I really didn't have that big of an opinion about it until I was in Vegas and your son's mom actually came and approached me. And I was pretty blown away by some of the things she said. So now, I don't know who to believe, because I don't believe you in a lot of ways, but I just met her. She happened to say the way that you had Brody was you cheated on your girlfriend with your son's mom," Cox explained.

"Excuse me?!" Scott said with surprise.

"That's what she told me," Cox replied.

"Get on the phone. Let's call her," Scott insisted.

"Not one of these guys know about my abilities as a father. I didn't make judgments on one of them -- not one of them -- and I got a lot of judgments made on me. That hurt, because I'm a very good father to my son. So I can't let this hold me back. It was a great experience... I learned ways to improve myself."

Scott stood by and justified his behavior on the show by saying he aggressively pursued a woman he cared about and wasn't there to make friends. Scott did admit, however, he has one regret when it comes to how he acted at the time of his elimination -- which was immediately following his awkward and confrontational two-on-one date with Hartsock and Michael Garofola.

"I think everybody has to realize exactly where I was at. At that point, I had just been dumped by a girl I really liked and I got to see the guy that she chose me over. I had just been battered for eight hours, and not just about small things -- huge things in my life -- my son, my faith," Scott explained.

"I don't know one guy up there that would've held himself together like I did. Everybody who's talked to me said that they would not have sat at the other side of that table without jumping across it. The only thing I regret about the show are some of the things I said in that limo."

In the limo, Scott said The Bachelor would be missing out on a single dad from Texas and he couldn't wait until he could date again in public.

"I couldn't gauge emotion in his eyes when he's talking about things," Hartsock told host Chris Harrison.

"From even the beginning, I had feelings that what he was saying to me and the stories were very insincere, and I think that came out after [Ben], you were sent home. In the limo, the first thing that comes to your mind is like, 'Hey Hollywood' or when you can be seen next in public. It showed everything that you were... [by] the way you went about it and the arrogance of it." 

"Yeah, I regret what I said in the limo," Scott reiterated.

"It was very arrogant. You tend to say things like you're putting on a persona of who you want people to think you are, which honestly, that's what's sad -- I don't know who Ben is. I really don't," Hartsock noted.

"I was everything you saw," Scott suggested.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.