The Bachelorette's ninth season may not have a fairy tale ending for its star Desiree Hartsock or her final suitors, but according to executive producer Mike Fleiss, viewers won't want to miss the mind-blowing finale.

"I can't tell you [if Desiree found love]. All I can say is, you will be shocked by how this ends! It doesn't make sense in some ways; It comes out of left field in other ways. It's just the weirdest ending we've ever had, that's for sure!" Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview.

However, Fleiss admitted he's very pleased with how the season concluded from a producer's standpoint.

"I'm happy about it because I think it's highly entertaining. I don't know that Desiree's happy with it or the guys are happy with it, or whatever, but it sure is interesting to watch," he explained.

Although the "shocking" ending may have disappointed the season's cast and star, Fleiss insisted viewers will definitely be satisfied.

"You will be happy. You will be happy, I promise," Fleiss said.

Hartsock's edition of The Bachelorette wrapped filming about two months ago on May 6, and the finale episode will air on August 5 on ABC. According to Life & Style, Hartsock accepted a proposal from her final bachelor and got engaged on the island of Antigua.

Hartsock currently has three bachelors remaining -- Brooks Forester, Drew Kenney and Chris Siegfried -- who will all meet her family during next week's The Bachelorette broadcast on Monday, July 29 at 8PM ET/PT. ABC will air the season's special The Men Tell All broadcast tonight.