So much for those plans to quietly fade out of the spotlight immediately after their nationally televised wedding. FTD, Inc., the Official Floral Company of the Tournament of Roses, has announced that they've enlisted Bachelorette newlyweds Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter to ride on -- what else -- a New Year's Day Tournament of Roses parade float containing a record-breaking 100,000 roses.

"The FTD Brand has been synonymous with flowers for almost a century, going hand in hand with romantic stories along the way. Reality TV's favorite newlywed couple Trista and Ryan are a tribute to the floral industry, having first accepted each other's love through the exchange of simply one rose," said Bob Norton, chairman and CEO, FTD, Inc. "Our float entry in the 2004 Rose Parade® celebrates love and romance through not one, but a record- breaking 100,000 roses surrounding Trista and Ryan on the float."

This year's FTD float, called "FTD Love Songs," complements the Rose Parade's "Music Music Music" theme by portraying the perfect recipe for love through over 100,000 roses, love songs and America's hottest newlyweds Trista and Ryan. According to the company's press release, FTD "shows America it's possible to turn feelings into flowers and flowers into feelings through this incredible floral display and celebrity couple."

FTD has been a proud sponsor of the Rose Parade for more than 50 years. Over 17 million viewers watched ABC's December 10 two-hour broadcast of Trista and Ryan's December 6 wedding. Included in the wedding's $3,000,000+ price tag were 30,000 roses which were imported from Ecuador for the grandiose Palm Springs, California event.