The remaining 15 suitors on the second episode of VH1's I Love New York showed some skin last night before Tiffany "New York" Pollard sent three more packing in her effort to find hunky happiness.

Eliminated by New York in the series' second episode were Token, a Caucasian bartender, Trendz, a music teacher who educates children on rap, and Romance, an animal lover who spent much of his time crying during his short-lived stint on the show.

The episode began with Chamo, New York's assistant, calling the guys outside so the two-time Flavor of Love contestant could tell her remaining suitors that she likes a "man who knows how to work what he's working with."  Translation:  the guys would be competing in the first annual "I Love New York Mr. Mangeant," a male beauty pageant that saw all the suitors donned in swimsuits. 

Hosted by Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy and judged by Chamo, New York and her mother Sister Patterson, the three winners of the "mangeant" were rewarded with an oceanside adventure with New York, and the top winner got some extra-special alone time with her.  The guys were also given some pointers by three former Miss America participants.

Different guys caused different reactions during the mangeant.  Onix, a corporate recruiter, made New York drool, while bricklayer Pootie made Patterson remark "he has a butt like a girl."  Token was unimpressive to both women, wearing a tank-top and long boardshorts that didn't arouse anyone.  Boston, a white financial advisor, wore a zebra-striped thong for the mangeant, commenting "it's really hard to get in."  Patterson said Boston really "shook his little tooshie," and New York was impressed at his openness.

"Damn!," she exclaimed at the site of Boston in a thong.  "He wasn't afraid to show-off his flat ass.  Boston is a stand-up guy."

The top five from the mangeant were Whiteboy, Real, 12 Pack, Onix and Romance, who then competed in a question and answer session and were judged on clarity, confidence and believability.  Onix and 12 Pack finished second and third, meaning they got to go on the date, but pawn-shop owner Whiteboy was the big winner, as he impressed New York by telling her he admires Michael Jordan.

Before the oceanside adventure, Romance vowed to get even with buff personal trainer 12 Pack for lying to New York.  Romance claimed that 12 Pack informed him that he had a girlfriend back home.  At the same time, Trendz was handing out copies of his CD to people in the mansion, something that extremely upset New York when Pootie told her.

"I'm disappointed," lamented New York.  "This is damn sure not American Idol!"

The oceanside adventure took Onix, 12 Pack, White Boy and New York to the Santa Monica Pier, where they played boardwalk games.  New York thought all three guys were "adorable."  Eventually White Boy was given his special time, which he chose to use by taking New York on the Ferris wheel.

"I couldn't wait to see White Boy," said New York.  "We connect on a one-on-one level.  Overall it was exciting and spectacular."

When everybody was back at the mansion, New York tried to finally set the record straight with 12 Pack and his relationship back home.  A shouting match ensued between Romance and 12 Pack, with 12 Pack threatening to smack Romance and Romance threatening to rip 12 Pack's arms off.  While New York seemed a bit confused, she came to the conclusion that Romance is "a little crazy." 
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Just prior to the elimination, Token sealed his fate when New York asked him for a kiss and he pecked her on the cheek.  Since Trendz was being an "opportunist" in New York's eyes, he was a safe bet to be sent home as well.  That left the final elimination down to Romance and 12 Pack.  Romance said he "felt good," while 12 Pack said his confidence was "as low as possible."  But New York decided to stick with 12 Pack and send the often weepy Romance home (which caused him to weep).

"There's something inside of you I need to see more of," New York said to 12 Pack.

I Love New York will continue on Monday, January 22 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood were eliminated.  The 12 remaining guys are 12 Pack, Bonez, Boston, Chance, Heat, Onix, Pootie, Real, Rico, Tango, Tweed and White Boy.