Tiffany "New York" Pollard eliminated two more suitors and reinstated a previously disqualified bachelor during I Love New York's fifth second-season episode last night on VH1.

It, a Long Island City, NY native, and Midget Mac, a four-foot tall single father of two from Florida, were both booted by the 25-year-old Utica, NY native and former Flavor of Love fling, however they were sent packing for different reasons. 

In addition, New York also brought Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, back into the competition after he was disqualified during the previous episode for a physical altercation with Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY.

I Love New York 2's fifth episode began with Tailor Made commenting how he was aware that he "barely survived" the previous elimination ceremony after spitting in the face of Mr. Wise, a club promoter from Camden, NJ.  Knowing that he's "in the doghouse" with New York and the other remaining bachelors, Tailor Made slept outside of the house.

The next morning, the guys received a note from New York instructing them to gather the "most meaningful item" they took with them into the competition.  The bachelors then met New York and her spiritual guide Lori.  New York explained the guys would have to "sacrifice" their sentimental item as a testament to their love for her and also sign a blood oath to show her that their feelings are genuine.

Lori said she'll know if the guys are lying when they sign the blood oath due to the "energy" they give off -- and even if she can't tell if they're lying -- it would still be a bad mark on their karma.  The guy who made the most sentimental offering would be awarded with a date with New York the following day.

"This is nothing to f**k around with," said The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, who described himself as a "believer" in the supernatural. 

He presented New York with a scarf that was made for him by a group of children suffering from Downs Syndrome that he works with.  The Entertainer also signed his blood oath, which contained a line that explicitly stated he's not a "sexual deviant" like New York's mom Sister Patterson believes.  Lori said she felt The Entertainer was telling the truth that he's "not a pervert."

Various other sacrifices were then offered to New York by the other bachelors, and Texas-native Wolf signed a blood oath confirming that he's "hung like a racehorse."  Elgin, IL lawyer Punk presented New York with a very sentimental offering, his deceased father's wrist watch.  Lori felt a "strong energy" from the offering, and New York wouldn't accept it because of its value to Punk.

"I am feeling somewhat of a chemistry with Punk," commented New York.  "He's a wonderful man, and I believe he's here for New York."

It went next and similar to the way he's acted throughout the competition, he stumbled over his words and nobody could really understand what he was talking about.

"He's an idiot, and I wish he wasn't so damn dumb," said New York.  "I'm having doubts about It because everything is such a joke to him."

It then read his blood oath, which contained a section promising he's "not an actor performing the part of a mental patient."  He then refused to sign the oath, and New York asked if he could at least say if he was there for her.
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"I can't determine that right now," answered It, who still refused to sign.

"The fact that It didn't sign his blood oath showed me that he is not in this house for me fully," said New York.  "That s**t just pissed me off!"

Midget Mac went next, and he had something he's been wanting to get off his chest to New York.  He presented her with photos of his two daughters and explained that his fiancee -- who was the mother of his youngest daughter -- passed away four months ago due to cardiac arrest.

"I see so much hurt and pain behind his eyes," said New York, who was still concerned.  "I couldn't help but think that Mac has to still be sad.  I'm worried that he has not gotten over the death of his ex."

Tailor Made was the last bachelor to go, and he also presented New York with a photo of his daughter.  However New York thought his speech about the photo "sounded like a f**king Hallmark card" and added she'd have a problem if he's feeding her lines.  Tailor Made then read his oath, which contained a line that he's not a snitch.  Lori told him to think twice about signing the oath since everybody and their brother knows Tailor Made has shown he's a snitch.  He still signed the oath anyway.

"When Tailor made signed that oath saying he is not a snitch, I knew he was lying; he knew he was lying; the whole house knew he was full of s**t," said New York.  "Who knows what else he could be lying about?"  Lori said the spirits in the house were unhappy with those who lied on their oath before New York walked her out.

That night New York took the guys for dinner and revealed that Punk touched her the most and he would be awarded the one-on-one date the following day.  Tailor Made saw the dinner as the perfect opportunity to fix his image and offered a toast to "new beginnings" before extending an apology to both New York and the other bachelors.

"I think Tailor Made's toast was a f**king ass-kissing move," commented Mr. Wise.

New York then gave Punk a letter she said she recently received -- and while it's author was initially unknown -- it didn't take a scientist to determine it was written by Buddha.  The tip-off was that it described Tailor Made as the "physical manifestation of everything I hate in this world" and also chastised Tailor Made for attempting to "corrupt" some of the suitors' characters

Once Punk was done reading the letter, New York described Buddha as a "wonderful man" and commented she felt "robbed" that he was booted from the competition because it was for physical violence and not her decision.

"Basically Buddha did everything he possibly could to totally defame my character," said Tailor Made.  "But I just have to take it like a man and hold my head down is shame."

New York then stepped outside for a cigarette and was accompanied by Midget Mac.  New York saw it as a good opportunity to ask Midge Mac if he's sure he's ready to "seriously date" again.  While he answered he's "ready if it's with the right person," New York was still unsure someone could heal so fast.  The two then shared a kiss.

"He's a great kisser for someone with such small lips; a small tongue; small teeth; a small head and face," commented a compassionate New York. 

With Midget Mac excited about the possibilities with New York, she decided to confront It about why he wouldn't sign the blood oath.  It said while he may love New York, he's not IN love with New York, which wasn't the answer she was looking for.

"It is scaring me a little bit because he's ignorant and stupid and I'm sick of dealing with his games," said New York.

Back at the house there was some concern about the evil spirits being upset about some of the guys lying on their blood oath, worries that manifested themselves in the form of lights flicking on and off, light bulbs shattering, and home decor items falling off the mantle.  When the lights went off for good, New York freaked and the production crew had to calm her down. New York decided it would be safer if she slept in a hotel that night.

The next morning, a spooked Punk shook off the weirdness from the previous night and prepared for his date with New York while the rest of the bachelors would enjoy a poolside fiesta.  Punk and New York enjoyed lunch and she gushed about his muscular physique; Harvard education; and career as a lawyer.

New York wondered if Punk was "too good to be true" -- and she would soon get her answer -- as he launched into a dull conversation about his job and how he was able to get time off to participate in I Love New York 2

"Oh my goodness... [He's] a boring guy with a great body!" commented New York, who tried to learn if Punk has a "hard edge."  Aware that he needed to do something quick to appease her, Punk went in for the kill with a kiss.  New York described Punk as a "very passionate kisser" and asked if he'd be able to make love to her all night long.

"You know it," he correctly answered, and the televised portion of their date came to a close.

Back at the house they guys were having a grand time at the fiesta until Patterson arrived to keep them company.

"Party over," commented Midget Mac.

Tailor Made apologized to Patterson for spitting in Mr. Wise's face -- and while she found his behavior to be "despicable" -- she wasn't as upset as one would assume.

"He's fighting right now for his girl New York, and that's one of my boys," said Patterson, who encouraged Tailor Made to continue to "bash every guy in the house," just without the spitting. 

Patterson then turned her attention to The Entertainer, and he told her that his "most uncomfortable" moment so far in the competition was when she called him a "freak."  She wouldn't back off her comments and the two got in a heated argument when The Entertainer accused her of calling him a "child molester," which Patterson denied every saying.

"You're the only mother in the world that doesn't like me, so that says something about you, not something about me!" yelled The Entertainer.  Patterson referred to The Entertainer as a "pervert and a deadbeat" and then threw a glass of water at him as he went for a smoke.

Prior to the upcoming elimination ceremony, Tailor Made wanted the chance to clear the air with New York and learn where he stands.  Tailor Made told New York he's been working hard to not get in any more fights with the other bachelors, but she still described him as a "trouble maker" and doubted if he was really there for her.

"Do you really love me?" she asked him point blank.

"I do," answered Tailor Made.  "I've never fallen for someone so fast, but then again, I've never met someone as special as you."  That was apparently all New York needed to hear, as she gushed about Tailor Made "really, truly" respecting her.

"Maybe this can work..." she commented.

I Love New York 2's fifth elimination ceremony then commenced, and she presented chains to Punk; Tailor Made; Mr. Wise; Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS; Wolf; and The Entertainer.  With only one chain left, New York described the decision between Midget Mac and It as "very tough" because both are "really sweet men."

"Midget Mac, you're the biggest little man that I've ever met," said New York.  "But right now, you're going through a lot of pain and I just don't believe that you're able to give me the love that I'm looking for.  I'm sorry... but you've got to go."  New York cried and said she always wants to be friends with Midget Mac, who exited the competition.

"It really hurt that New York let me go," said Midget Mac.  "But at the same time, I think I need to be home with my kids and be able to heal.  I might have rushed into a relationship just to try to be with somebody to deal with the pain."

It was excited he was still in the competition, until New York informed him the last chain wasn't for him either.

"You're the only one in the house that refused to sign the blood oath," said New York.  "I think you're hiding something.,  I think you're an actor.  I could be wrong... but either way, if you are acting, it's a shame that I didn't get a chance to know the real you.  If you're not acting, that's even worse because I could never date such an idiot.  I'm ready to let the fool out of my house."

It told New York he had a nice time, and the two had an amicable goodbye.

"New York called me an idiot," commented It after his ouster.  "People call me an idiot all the time!... She likes me a lot, but not a lot, a lot, a lot."

New York then revealed who the final chain was for.

"Over the past couple of days, you guys have took over my house," she explained.  "With all the violence, it feels like I don't have no control anymore, and that bothers me.  So tonight, I'm taking back control over my house... I decided to bring somebody back.  Let me let you guys know something.  The producers did not want me to do this... But I said this is about me finding true love, so I'm going to chance it."

She then reintroduced Buddha into the competition.

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, November 12 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1 and feature a guest appearance by first-season suitor Mr. Boston.