The Bachelorette alum Michelle Young has revealed the moment when she knew her boyfriend Jack Leius was her "soul mate."

Michelle recently took to TikTok and Instagram to share a funny personal detail about her relationship with Jack.


In a video, Michelle wrote, "The moment I knew he was my soul mate," and then the pair held up their matching inhalers.

Michelle and Jack showed off their inhalers as Carl Wheezer from the show Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius could be heard saying, "This is my inhaler. It provides fast-acting relief of bronchial swelling due to asthma or allergies."

The Season 18 The Bachelorette alum and her boyfriend proceeded to take puffs of their inhalers and laugh together.

Alongside the clip, Michelle gushed in the caption, "He really do take my breath away tho #soulmate #romantic #relationships #couplestiktok #allergiesgotmelike #fyp #asthmaticking."

One fan wrote to the cute couple, "Love you two so much! Marry her already Jack, she's wife material 100%."

Michelle replied to the comment, writing, "You hear that Jack?!"

In February, Michelle shared how it feels like "home" dating Jack, with whom she lives in Minnesota.

"Why Minneapolis feels like home," Michelle captioned a carousel of images on Instagram, including ones of the pair embracing and kissing.

Michelle had teased on TikTok in September that she was going on a date and would hopefully end the year "crazy in love."

Michelle then soft launched her new romance via Instagram Stories on October 9 when she uploaded a photo with an unidentified man kissing her on the cheek at the Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs game.

Later that month, Michelle posted a photo of "dinner vibez" with a mystery man.

Michelle publicly revealed the identity of her new boyfriend in late October 2023 by writing, "Hit the Jackpot with you."

Michelle took Jack to Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's The Golden Wedding as her date in early January, and the pair spoke about how they met through a mutual friend during the January 5 episode of "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast."


Michelle shared, "In my world, I thought I brought it up to this person, but [Jack] also did the same thing within, like, 48, hours... It was really weird."

She added, "I didn't know until [Jack and I] had been dating for like two or three weeks, when we actually figured out we had asked about each other within 48 hours."

And Jack gushed about how he and The Bachelor 26 alum "clicked" right away and began dating several days after they met for the first time.

Michelle explained how she and Jack may be an example of the "invisible string theory" in which it's believed a person has been in the same room with his or her soul mate or life partner multiple times without knowing it.

"We went through breakups at the exact same time. We were both going through devastating breakups and we were both in the same stage of our breakups," Michelle shared at the time.

"We were not ready to meet someone. We'd think we were ready to meet someone, and then we'd take those few steps back. We go to all the same bars. Minnesota is not that big! And the lake he grew up [near], my family fishes on that lake 24/7... [And] I went to a football game that he was playing at, and I hadn't even known, back when I was a teacher."

Michelle fell for Jack after her broken engagement to The Bachelorette 18 winner Nayte Olukoya.

Michelle and Nayte got engaged on The Bachelorette 18 finale and then announced they had called off their engagement and split in June 2022.

Nayte recently said on the "Bachelor Rush Hour With Dave Neal" podcast that he knew his relationship with Michelle wasn't going to last and he felt "a huge relief" when they called it quits.

Nayte -- who has a new girlfriend -- also confessed that The Bachelorette was a "terrible" chapter in his life that "really f-cked" him up.

Nayte had initially planned to move to Minnesota to be with Michelle in March 2022, but he claimed on "The Viall Files" podcast in September 2022 that he decided to stay in Austin, TX, due to back-to-back arguments he and Michelle had in the first few days of January 2022.


The couple allegedly fought constantly, and so Michelle and Nayte's relationship lasted only six months after the finale aired.

On "The Viall Files" podcast, Nayte recalled there being a sudden and unexpected shift in his relationship with the former The Bachelorette star once they entered the real world, from being blissfully happy to living with tension.

"We started consistently and gradually going downhill, where we were just, like, it wasn't sunshine and rainbows anymore," he claimed.

"I remember crying my heart out to [my mom and stepdad, saying], 'I'm so frustrated and I have no idea what's going on in this relationship.' How can you be so sure about something and then just have it fall apart?"

Nayte said he felt pressure to be perfect since Michelle was a famous face and they were the new hot couple in Bachelor Nation at the time. Nayte also said there were trust issues on his part, citing an incident when Michelle had allegedly suspiciously deleted a DM conversation with a famous male country singer.

The Bachelorette 18 winner also shared how he wants "more of a partner and less of a coach" in his next relationship.

"I miss the Michelle I fell in love with, but I'm not sure I miss the Michelle I broke up with," Nayte told Nick Viall in 2022.

Nayte ultimately admitted that he dumped Michelle over the phone in June 2022 only days after they had celebrated her birthday. Nayte said she proceeded to block him on social media, which he called "a low blow."

Nayte previously claimed he had never cheated on Michelle, but Michelle was admittedly blindsided by his choice to call it quits on their relationship.

Nayte also raised eyebrows when he moved from Texas to Los Angeles a few weeks after his breakup with Michelle to pursue modeling, Us Weekly reported.

Michelle admitted in February 2023 that Nayte had "stripped" her of her "dream" engagement.

"Honestly, for me, [it's] tainted. Because it was my dream ring," Michelle said of her pear-shaped diamond on Ben and Ashley Iaconetti's podcast.

She added, "I wanted the relationship to work. I was willing to put in work for the relationship. And I had the person take off... Both people have to be capable of [working on the relationship]. And so, for me, it was yeah, I feel like that was literally kind of stripped away from me, so it pisses me off!"

Michelle noted last year how she's looking forward to her "real" second engagement.

On TikTok, Michelle opened up in early 2023 how she'd like to find a goal-oriented man who plans romantic dates from start to finish and can go with the flow and remain positive in the face of unexpected challenges.

As far as dealbreakers go, Michelle said "complacency" and being "emotionally unavailable" are two of them. She also said it's unattractive when men get stuck in a pyramid scheme, cannot read a room, give guilt trips, and fail to communicate effectively.


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